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  1. Very interesting. Could even be used while driving to car shows.
  2. I saw a 69 Boss at a recent show that used magnets to hold the screen in place.
  3. Opps...just realized that's the starting bid. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Ok, what the story here besides not being a real Mach 1? This car is priced way to low. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ https://www.ebay.com/itm/1972-Ford-Mustang-MACH-1-DUPLICATE/132778694107?hash=item1eea3a15db:g:yAkAAOSwbF1bmRP~&vxp=mtr
  4. Was the Ford/Mustang show in Maple Shade rescheduled?
  5. Thanks for the offer, but it's been paid for and shipped.
  6. That I haven't done yet. But will try tomorrow and I agree, the AC system has been modified. I reached out to the 2nd owner (1987-1998) and waiting to hear what he has to say.
  7. The red cap hose goes back to the firewall with a red cover on it. Pulled the red cover off (no port), but sort of a coil inside and there was something like felt inside the red cover.
  8. Here are two pics with a white line showing below. 1) Shows the metal tube from the condenser which connects to a black hose. 2) Black hose which goes to the compressor (black cap is the only port that the ACpro connects to).
  9. While there is a hose coming from the firewall to the compressor, there is no ac port on the hose. Mine looks like the low side metal tube is from the compressor to the condenser (top) and out the bottom to the receiver dryer and then back to the firewall. Plus the only port the ACPro hooks up to is the black cap once removed.
  10. I'm starting to believe that maybe my AC isn't factory. Looking at the pics the black cap once off does accept the adapter from the ACprocold kit. But that metal tube goes to a condenser/radiator in front of the stang. Both circled in white. Just don't want assume anything. Thoughts???
  11. Mine was converted to the new 134a 3 years ago, so it should have the correct nipple. Just need to find it.
  12. No inspection required in NJ for Historic plates, but I thought it would be cool to have a 1973 inspection sticker as if it was the OEM when the car was new. The standard one on the site shows June, but back then no new cars came out that early in the year. So I paid an extra $5 for Sept. So my stang was sold in Sept 72 and it would make sense that the inspection expires Sept 73.
  13. Can someone help me out and post a pic of an OEM low AC port locator. Christine was retro a few years ago to R134A and needs a recharge. I picked up AC Pro recharge, but their site doesn't show it on a Mustang that old. Thanks
  14. How cool is this. Just ordered one for my 73. https://www.inspectionsticker.net/
  15. Sounds good. Thinking about the Holman Ford show also.
  16. Very early spot at recent car show. Next is driving her in the Columbus Day parade in Seaside Heights, NJ and then a Mustang show on Oct 14th, at the USS New Jersey at Camden, NJ
  17. A car like that...only a matter of time you kill yourself trying the bury the needle.
  18. At first I said wow....then started to check out the pics. Looks like the restore forgot a lot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ https://www.ebay.com/itm/1973-Ford-Mustang-CONVERTIBLE-FLORIDA-AC-5K-MILES/142886070386?hash=item2144ac6872:g:bFAAAOSwsndbXHpF&vxp=mtr
  19. IMO if the clock is currently working, I'd leave it alone.
  20. I'm the 4th owner and have tons of doc's going back to the original owner. I even have a copy of the original license plate from California I've also been in contact with the 2nd owner (Minn) who had her from 1987 - 1998 and he did send me pics of when the stang was restored in 1990. 3rd owner was from Kentucky. So being the 4th owner, Christine has made it from California to New Jersey.
  21. Check it out. Stop the video at 22 seconds....3rd row from the trees on the bottom.....5th car up...Christine.!!!
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