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  1. :D Found a unit thanks to this site. Junk yards are very hard to find for parts. Thanks for the help! Kat.
  2. I have a 73 coupe. Trying to install a new gas tank. Found another item lost by body shop. I am looking for the top of the gas tank fuel separator cap that fits on the gas tank at the top and then has a line sending the vapors up to the front of engine bay to the Ford blue Vapor Canister. I will post photo. Thanks so much. :( Kat.
  3. Thanks for the info. Can't do much as I got called Out of town on family emergency. Just after posting this. Will look at all suggestions upon return and will remove helper shocks to see how it sits. Family and broken hips come 1st.
  4. Hello, ::welcome:: from Southwest Florida. Sweet ride! Also water logged in our area.
  5. Thanks for the links. The car came with the rear end helper shocks. To be truthful, I was not sure what type they were. :huh: LOL. Kids can be helpful at times. I do not see any signs of any rear springs, so it must have been the last owner that did the helper shocks. I am trying to put her back to as original as I can. That's why I am asking for help. According to the books, it looks like 429s came with rear sway bars and springs. I could be wrong. Guess I need to get my numbers run. It's a start. :D
  6. Ok all. I have read the 17 pages of suspension question and answers. Parts, bushings, shocks and poly vs rubber. Air vs gas shocks. My goal is to end up with a sweet rider. Slight rake look only. And have her handle in a nice calm way. I will not be taking her on the track or street racing her. Right now she has Helper shocks on the rear and every bushing on her is shot. I have a 1973 351C 2v 4b Ram Air Coupe with FMX. AC PS PB front disc, rear drum. Plan: Go all rubber bushings. Any clue where to find them? I can find poly all over the place. But not a rubber master set. The metal Idler arms, pitman, sway bar, strut rods and springs all are in good condition. Wanted feed back on the rear helper shocks? Anyone have them? I am putting back on her the 73 14" Alum Mag rims. I do need to watch the $$. I am on a fixed income. But I do want her riding nice. All words of wisdom would be a big help. Thanks. Forgot this helper shock photo.
  7. Hello. ::welcome:: From Southwest Florida.
  8. Wow! Never seen one before. I like it. Does anyone know how many made? What plant made them? [/b]
  9. Hello, ::welcome:: to the site. Nice to have a name. I along with many others, are always searching for interior parts. I have read the posting and plan on checking out your products for future needs. I agree with the members and am thankful you are willing to shed some light on the process of making repo parts to satisfy some of the pickiest Mustang owners.:P Good luck on your growth in your business as well as on this site. :)
  10. Hello, ::welcome:: to the site from Southwest Florida. :D
  11. Sweet floor pans! I am so jealous over the great condition of your metal work. So much less work for you. Keep up the good work.
  12. Ya! Another 73 coupe restore started. :D Will be watching your progress. I myself am doing a 73 coupe. Bad shop ordeal for me. Now doing metal and car, the help of this site, friends and hubby's help. Look forward to seeing your work.
  13. Sweet car. Nice job! ::welcome:: from Southwest Florida.
  14. I am enjoying watching you work out your details to the tee. Thanks for your day by day posting. It has made me turn around and do other options. Great job done so far!
  15. Wow! ::welcome:: From Southwest Florida. Just saw the video. You have been blessed with a wonderful family. Congrats! Your rare reunion with your car is awesome at the least. Will be looking forward to seeing it on TV.
  16. Got mine today. Nice work. My coin will be displayed in my car for all to see. Thanks for all your hard work. :D
  17. Have to say the aluminum slotted wheels are sweet and are what I am going with. That is when I find them. :P Got beat out of a set last week by 1 hr. :( I see mags all over the place. I will keep looking.
  18. Sweet find. I am so jealous! :P But good to know there are still parts stashed away. Hope to find my stash someday soon. :D
  19. Hello! ::welcome:: from Southwest Florida. Clean Sweet looking car. :D
  20. Don't feel bad.:D I was also ripped off big time. I see you are in Florida. I hope it is not the same shop that butchered my car. I however was taken for a huge amount of money. Parts missing. Pulled my car out before the place went under. 2 years of researching shops did not help. I hope you have a step by step plan written out before any work is done. I will keep my fingers crossed that you have good luck. I myself am learning how to weld. I am not letting my car out of my sight. Keep us all posted on your car.:D
  21. Sorry for the late, Welcome from Southwest Florida. Luv the purple color. Pleased to know more females are Mustang junkies like me. LOL. This site is a huge source of information.
  22. wrshog, Sorry to say, but my friends are up in NC., for a new grand baby. They are retired, so have no return time frame. I sure hope all works out for you and your dream car. Keep us all posted.
  23. Sweet! Just got home and saw Mustang Monthly. Congrats! Driving picture the best in my book. :D Sure hope to see more members in the mag in the future. 71 made me chuckle. How can they make that error as noted in previous post.
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