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  1. most blower surge can be handled by cracking the butterfly a little to up the idle. I'm not real sure the big fascination with blower surge, we don't have it when nitro is in the tank.
  2. the eco boosts are pretty fun, I just upgraded a turbo on one in the shop this week. waiting on an intercooler and I can button it up. It will prob max the direct injection since there is not really any options to put more fuel in the motor unless you run a second set of injectors.
  3. the 3v' has potential. Just watch out for high mileage ones they have cam phaser issues but those are mostly in trucks. If they start making noise replace, if it brakes there will be valves crashing into pistons.
  4. was there not anything at Late Model Restoration
  5. Car is now back in my shop and I have ordered a bunch of parts but some of the custom stuff has been slow to come in like shifter, switch panels, etc. I got to remount the steering rack and add a few more tabs and on to body work. This car is rough and going to require alot of work. headlight did show today Got the kill switch mounted
  6. The rubber should allow room to put the trim back on. The rubber is not the holding feature for the chrome only the window. Too many put too much sealer and stuff around the rubber and no room for the trim then. Very little sealer is needed if you have fixed all the issues with the window opening like pin holes and rust. I cannot say who makes the best rear window but Daniel Carpenter usually does a good job if they are a supplier. They are wholesale only so check with Don, Ohio Mustang, to see who makes them. so the chrome is mounted on studs like the windshield, the only chrome I have dealt with is in the 67-72 trucks and you got to order special rubber because the chrome actually goes into a grove in the rubber. I have not cut then rear window out yet but will this week. I will not be using any sealer on the rubber as this car will never see any rain.
  7. when i'm putting my race car back together i'm going to use new rear window weatherstrip, does the seals bought today accept the chrome. The Scott drake and the Chinese both do not designate weather they do or do not accept the chrome. my car is fastback.
  8. great for posting pictures, glad your track opened back up they are falling like flies around the country.
  9. some sheet metal work, still need to build battery trays and weld on a bunch of tabs for various items as I mock up all the stuff in the car.
  10. Think about a 29x18.5x15. I want it tucked in the rear. something that wide the frame rails will need to be moved.
  11. yes you can keep a lot of the original sheet metal. how big of a tire are you going to run? You could just do a mini tub and keep a smaller tire and leave the frame rails alone. That kit looks like it attaches to the original frame rails. If you want to do a true back half it will be much easier to cut the trunk out but you can leave everything in front of that. my car had original sheet metal from right behind the shock mounting point forward till I tore it apart and it was just much easier to cut the whole floor out and start over. this is before I tore it apart, those tubs barley fit a 14x33 tire, so keeping the rear seat with a tall tire is going to be hard but not impossable here you can see how much stock sheet metal there still was left, the notches in the floor were to clear the ladder bars
  12. this is actually the motor out of my mach 1 that I put in this car so i would have something to race while the 72 is down
  13. Thanks guys, should have some more pictures in the next few weeks
  14. been awile but have been slowly working on the car.
  15. it makes it a lot easier to do all the frame and bar work with no floor pans and get to get rid of a little weight.
  16. Who has experience with the halo headlights that are offered by CJ pony parts. I'm wanting to know how bright are the halos at full brightness, do they put off enough to see a little. I'm looking to put a set on my drag car and I really don't want to run the h4 bulbs. [/align]
  17. frame rails are going in, hope to have some suspension back under it next week.
  18. I actually have a set that I'm going to try and convert to driving lights for my drag car since it does not have headlights. I will prob get to it later this summer. I'm thinking that an led bulb might be a better choice than a halogen because of the heat load that might be generated in the small housing.
  19. tore the car apart, going back with better stuff.
  20. so I finally getting off high center on this project. After not touching it all last summer I am making a little progress. Cut all the old really hacked up stuff out and ready for the new.
  21. defiantly would like to see some pictures of this cool old stuff.
  22. 460bbf

    at the track

    Yes it does, car weighs just under 2800lbs
  23. All three bbf's I have running right now have stack timing chain covers. The only problem with the stock covers is the water passage can coroner out. The only aftermarket cover I'm familer with is the Danny bee belt drive set up and it's pretty pricy or I would be running it.
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