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  1. in short yes, I would be careful about the brands of parts a kit like that has in it. There is a how to rebuild your big block ford book that you need to buy. I cannot remember the author right now. $255 for a cleaning and boring the block is no too bad, but what about the heads? Do they need valves, you will need to match springs to cam, valve guides, valve job and such can get pricy but nothing you would not need to do to a small block too. If the machine shop assembles the heads for you the only real special tool you will need is a torque wrench and piston ring compressor which can be rented. The last thing is are you going to balance the rotating assembly, I would recommend it, I pay about 150 for a balancing plus Mallory if they got to add weight.
  2. finally got the new fiberglass completely mounted and made it to a couple races, nothing moved at 130mph so I guess me mounting worked out. if you wanted to know we tore the cougar small block down it indeed spun a bearing. need to replace rods and possibly crank.
  3. I have a few videos of us running the car, I do not own the car but one of the three crew members, we did a lot of updates this winter after hitting the wall. We are going out Friday to test the new combo. this is the pass he hit the wall anther, you can see the oil plume from the car right at the end of the video
  4. this thing has been eating my lunch lately, spent a hole day welding up holes were the old doors bolted on and building just 1/2 the duz tap brackets. I will try and get a few pictures next couple days. On a better note the nostalgia top fuel car has been lettered and is ready to make a few test laps.
  5. defiantly buying a drag car ready to go is cheaper than building one but if you are picky it might be cheaper to build one. There are several tracks in the Dallas area and most have some sort of bracket or index racing that you can start out in. look these tracks up and go attend a few events and talk with some racers they will be glad to help someone out if it gets someone new into the sport. I would skip on the driving school I think for as slow as you are going to start out it will be a waste of money. I know Roy hill helps with licensing at his school but you wont need a license unless you run 9.99 or quicker. I would invest in an NHRA rule book, they are only like $15. Please don't spend you time getting around rules they are there for a reason, not to drain you pocket book. Running less than 12.00 there are not too many rules anyway. if you got any questions just PM me.
  6. most paint systems will allow you to use your primmer/filler or hi build on small break through, the epoxy has a better bonding when you are doing completes and gives a good foundation to do any body work on top of that. On top of steel you should have not problem if it was on top of alum I use a wiz bomb can of self etch primer on the bare spots and then shoot the primer/filler on top of that. lightly spraying the panels with black wiz bomb before block sanding makes a good guide coat but clogs up sandpaper fast at first, normally you can just keep an eye on the orange peal and sand till that is gone. alternate going with the panel and across the panel to get it strait in all directions.
  7. yea the cougars got ugly fast, the early ones looked so much better
  8. Mine dynoed 425 to the tires with a loose converter. the motor is 450ci with a set of ported dove heads, victor intake and a 1050 carb.
  9. I'm not real sure, prob around 200-250. I believe it was 200 to ship my new parts from Florida.
  10. How much are you willing to part with?
  11. dang near, there were not many people there that Sunday. got all the tube frame work all patched back together and the hood on, but it needs to be redrilled. now to start building duz fastioner brackets.
  12. I don't have an e-bay account and have never dealt with e-bay. don't know if I want to open the can of worms for one item. its going to be a pain to ship this stuff also.
  13. the green turd shelled a motor back in june, have not had time to mess with it yet. Hopefully there are some drag racers here that might want this stuff. I really hate to see it go to crap sitting outside, I don't have any indoor storage right now.
  14. I have a usbody fiberglass fenders and nose that I took off my car, has a 73 grill and fiberglass bumper. I also have a usbody hood with a small scoop for sale also. I'm looking for 300 for the fenders and grill and 200 for the hood. located near Tulsa Oklahoma.
  15. The cougar is broke at the moment, just have not had time with the 72 and fuel car to jerk the motor out and see what happened, I think it spun a bearing. Anyway its a ladder bar, and is gutted drag only type of car. Powered by small block with an Enderle injection set up on top. back by a c4 trans. we never made a good pass with the car, it was new to us this year, so I don't know what it will run.
  16. The green car in the back ground is a 67 cougar
  17. I figured I would start my own thread so people could see what I'm doing to my 72 over the next several months. When I bought the car it had a 73 nose on it and I was never very happy with it so I ordered a new one piece 72 nose. I started fitting the front end the other day. There is a bunch of fab work left but should only take a day or two to get it all together. I just finished putting a 460 based motor together for this car. hopefully it will put the car into the 9.70's Bought some new dancing shoes the other day So once we get the fuel car all put back together I will get a little extra time to start the paint on the 72, i just finished painting the AA/FD dragster and I wont feel like sanding very soon. We should be making a pass in a couple weeks with it.
  18. boyd's does nice work, they do all out fuel car machine work. Not a bad price especially it it has good rods.
  19. new season starts tonight.
  20. I up load photos to Photobucket from my i phone then you can just cut and past the link in posts to add a picture
  21. I was trying to post it in the you tube gallery. There is a box there that asks for the URL and every time I click post it said URL/Id invalid. Maybe I don't have permission to post there or something.
  22. These are the two links I tried, the forum said invalid to both.
  23. I changed the oil and adjusted bands on the C4 and rotated slicks. Its ready to hit the track today and tomorrow.
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