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  1. I'm putting the link in the box that said youtube url/ID
  2. I'm having problems adding a video, it keeps telling me that my url or Id is wrong. I have copied the url direct and have added the share url it gives me, both are said to be invalid. What am I doing wrong
  3. Thanks guys, I don't worry about tickets it never sees the road.
  4. If you don't like fabbing brackets summit and jegs sells a couple different PS coolers. I bought one when the original on my 72 truck sprung a leak so I mounted it on the frame rail instead on top of the motor. when I was not running one the fluid would get hot and boil out.
  5. Thats a tough one cause the weld is in a radius and the heat had distorted the body around it. I would have cut it out square our would have replaced the whole 1/4. Any way a few tips to help out, They make a round sanding block, and a semi ridged block, dont get the super soft sponge type block. don't mix really hot mud, and as it starts to harden take 80 grit and start cutting the highs off, dont get too crazy it will cut easy and will clog the paper up but its easier to get your rough shape if you cut the highs before it fully hardens. It will leave a rough texture in the lows also so the next coat of mud will bond good too. They make some stuff called supercharger that you can use to thin out the mud some also if the thickness is causing you problems. If you need a longer board with flex a yard stick or mixing stick works good. get your rough shape them shoot a coat of primer, use a guide coat to help see the lows and if they are big them skim with anther coat of mud in those areas and prime again.
  6. defiantly let us know how they work, I have been wanting to put HID's in my 72 ford truck but had not found a projector that would work. I was told you but an HID bulb in a standard housing and the light will scatter and blind everyone on the road.
  7. I needed more room under my hood, was the best I could come up with.
  8. both water born and solvent based you do not want in your lungs or in your blood. remember there is no water based clear that will hold up to UV. If you have never messed with painting before I would not want my first job to be a complete. Good material is every expensive and you do not want to buy twice. Also with the material you will need to buy extra cause you will need to buy all reducers and hardeners how they are packaged. Example you might need 1.25 gallons of clear but you will be buying 2, a body shop can mix just what they need to spray and save some money in material costs.
  9. I race at Tulsa hopefully you will make a race down here so I can check that nice car out.
  10. I hope he gets all the problems worked out so we can see it out and about
  11. 429 that is currently in the car. spare 460 that is apart
  12. I paint all my own stuff but I have a booth I can rent, there are a few products you can use to help painting in a shop environment but if you don't feel comfortable painting yourself I would not recommend it. Its not rocket science but can go wrong quickly and cost you double. Defiantly ask for some references of any shop you check out and go look at some cars they have painted and are a couple years old. I have seen some nice paint jobs go south in a couple years because crappy products were used or crappy prep.
  13. I could do that, I don't need the fog lights. My zip code is 74066 if you want to get a shipping quote.
  14. one thing to take into account is most body shops are collision shops and will not want to mess with a full paint job cause the profit margin is a lot lower. normally they will shoot you a stupid high price so you don't come back. Look more towards a smaller shop they will have time or the willingness to take on that kinda work. Most shops will do a completes by the hour especially if there is rust or a lot of body work to be done, it so tough to bid a job like that cause who knows what you are going to get into. get ready to spend $45-75 an hour with materials on top of that.
  15. Any one have a 72 mach grill, it can be busted or broke but needs to be mostly there, I'm going to cut it up for mock up in my new fiberglass nose.
  16. looks like its moving pretty good.
  17. yep defiantly looks like a ratchet shifter, I never liked going through the gears before I could return to 1st especially after a burnout. IMO sell those and get a gate shifter.
  18. looks like a fox gt lower valance to me, glad to see anther drag car around, I don't see many at the track.
  19. Why is that you need dody work done? This car has been a race car since the late 70's and its not as nice as I like. I might 4 link it at the same time and clean up the tin work. It's been hacked on several different times in its life.
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