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  1. Hello, I have a 65 mustang straight 6. I want to put a huge big block V8 because it would be loud, fun, powerful to drive. Just want to build it for a crazy weekend cruiser. I want to go to the junk yard and maybe buy old Ford F-350 and pull motor, tranny, and rear end but not sure if that a good route to start? Need a bit of direction. And I also do not plan on dropping a insane amount of cash on this project just want to build something cool.
  2. My car didnt have a chin Spoiler and original color was a orange gold color. It has no decals at all they are all missing. Except for one thats under the hood on the upper passanger side it is orange decal it sits very close to the wind shield. lol Speaking of wind shield it shattered when i took it drifting cause a hood scoop was loose. I didnt know wether to laugh or cry!!! But it was fun the old girl still gots it!!!
  3. Thanks alot guys cuse of your guys info off the top i already know the heads on my 351C 2v are not original my car is a q code 1972 mustang mach1. Now to find out what was my original tranny?
  4. So what does the Q stand for
  5. Hi guys i have my Vin for a 1972 mustang wanted to know if it was a mach1 or a fastback. I wanted to know what were all the options it had when it was built. If it came with a c6, or c4. If it had 4v heads or 2v heads. Or iven if the engine is the original? Were do i start.
  6. Thanks alot i apreciate you taking the time to take a picture and helping me out. I have a 72 mustang took the stripped speedo gear out. I bought one from so cal and it looks different and its a bit shorter then mine. Wich one of the two is the correct one? Heres the pic of mine I promised sorry it took so long.
  7. I have a 72 mustang took the stripped speedo gear out. I bought one from so cal and it looks different and its a bit shorter then mine. Wich one of the two is the correct one?
  8. My gear sits about 1/4 inch taller and the teeth itself are longer then the new one that socal sold me.
  9. I am having a hard time finding the plastic gear with 20 teeth for my speedometer cable. I purchased one with 20 teeth like mine from SO-Cal. They say thats the one but the one I pulled from my car looks different. They both have 20 teeth. Does it matter if the automatic is C4 or C6? How do i know if my car came with the C4. Did mustangs in 72 Iven come with C4? A mechanic told me that all mustangs between 71-73 came with a C6 only.
  10. I actially took it out in the phx heat drove the hell out of it for the first time. I finally got the tranny to work by adding vacumm line from my edelbrock performer intake. Oh yeah i blew a tire while i was at it. My Elanore is finalling resting from a fun weekend.
  11. where do i find the code on my ride? I have a 72 mach1 with 351c 2v
  12. Is there any one out here in wild west phoenix az that owns mustang?
  13. Well guys month ago I started a diet it was meal replacement shake. The shake is called syntha6. I took the shake in the morning replacing breakfast and at lunch time replacing a lunch meal. When i took the drink i was still hungry so i eat alot of fruit or veggies with ranch. Also i started taking Raspberry ketone. The ketone started woking after about week and a half. What the ketone does is it kills your cravings and by the time you realize it your not hungry and I didnt feel sick because i was taking the shake. I lost about 20 lbs with out no exercise. Just portioning food and taking the shake.
  14. That was awesome how much this something like that will cost me.
  15. The ride looks pretty sweet i just dont understand why i havent seen many cars like aweres customized. There is only one that i have seen so far its called 71 mustang pegasus youtube it i think you will like it. Thanks for the ideas. Oh yeah how is your front alingment after the drop?
  16. Hi guys im really in to modern look big wheels low cars. Now im trying to go about lowering my 72 mach1 at least 3 inches. I have been doing some research and the only thing i can come up with is airbags. There really isnt many after market parts for 71-73 mustangs. Does anyone have any idea
  17. I actually had some sparco seats fabricated but the issue for me is that i feel that my legs might just be to close to my steering wheel im probably going to re-fab them again. It will have to wait because im dieing to drive my car. Ive had it for about 15Yrs and this weekend will be the first time i actually get to drive it.
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