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  1. If you do decied to change out the FPA headers, I would be interested in them....

    Thanks, Jay

  2. Thanks for the response. I've talked to Scott a few times, I get my cams through him. He told me the same, but we talked about getting more from my combo and he said the FPA's were holding me back at this point. I'm roughly around the 650hp mark, which don't get me wrong is plenty lol, but I was originally aiming for 700ish. I could probably get there with a more radical cam, but I'm running the FiTech EFI and it needs a certain amount of vacuum at idle to function properly. I'm already a little under 5" at idle so I'm at the ragged edge of what it needs to run properly. I often wonder i
  3. Does anyone know if the Hedman Husler headers give any better ground clearance over Hooker Comps? I'm currently running FPAs, which give great ground clearance, but want to go with something with larger primaries for my 521. Thanks!
  4. Thanks for all the compliments! Too bad it isn't easy to keep it that clean and shiny. I actually live close to Mt Airy, so I'm about 30 minutes from the Parkway itself, up close to Virginia. I've driven my car down to and past Ashville before, I'm definitely not shy taking it on long road trips. So far it's been all over North and South Carolina and a portion of Virginia. Overdrives make the world of difference lol.
  5. Spent a couple days cleaning/waxing my car. Finally decided that it looked nice out today so why not take it on a long drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway and snap some pics. Of course 20 minutes later it poured rain on me lol...
  6. I got mine from Cj Pony. I had been looking at them for awhile, but the price kept me away. Finally I just decided to pull the trigger when they had one of their sales. Still cheaper than buying an original one though. http://www.cjponyparts.com/classic-consoles-humphugger-cruiser-console-1971-1973/p/CON12-V/
  7. Do it! This is probably the best simple upgrade I have done so far. Had to take my interior out so I could install sub frame connecters. While I was at it, I added Dynamt, new headliner, new carpet, kick panels with speakers, (boy that's a job that'll make you cuss,) and topped it off with a new console. It's so nice to be able to have cup holders now, instead of trying to hold a drink between your legs while shifting gears.
  8. I'm going to run a Walboro in-tank unit. I need a new tank anyway and this was the excuse I needed to go ahead and replace it. I thought about using their "fuel command center" that mounts under the hood so you can use your existing mechanical fuel pump, but it's already cluttered under there as it is. I'll also be using the Fitech to control my timing and bought the 1200hp version.
  9. My Fitech unit should be here in the next week or two and then I can give you some insight. I've heard nothing but good things about it though. I'm running a 429, 5 speed and 3.25 gears at the moment which is netting me 21-22 mpgs on the highway. Practically every review I've seen on the Fitech has gained another 2 to 4 mpg for the owner so I expect the same. Of course when I drop in the 521, who knows what will happen lol.
  10. I took some more pics of clearance areas. This is the inner fender in front of the tire. Sway bar clearance. Rear spring clearance. Outer wheel lip [/code]
  11. I'll try to get more detailed pictures. I didn't have to roll the fender lip and it cleared everything on the inside fine.
  12. It's an Addco sway bar. I'll try to get some better pics. I have about 1" clearance between the spring and tire. The rear of the car is dropped 2" also. The fronts are 4.5" backspace and the rears are 6.8". Thanks for all the compliments! I keep saying I'm done with this car as I want to work on something else for awhile, but I keep finding myself wanting to upgrade this and that. It never ends.
  13. Figured I'd share a couple pics of my money pit lol. I always wanted bigger disc up front, but knew I had to go to a bigger rim. So off came the 15's and on went the 17's. I followed some advice on here and went 245/45-17 up front and 315/35-17 on the rear. Nitto G2's on Torque Thrust M wheels. Fits like a glove and even got to keep my rear sway bar which I was afraid I might have to lose for clearance. Went with Cobra 11" disc on the rear and Cobra 13.2" disc up front. This car has never handled or stopped so good! Next comes axle upgrades, tru-trac and fuel injection. Hopefully when
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