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  1. Thanks for the help. I will look into those covers. Stanglover, great looking car. I started to blackout the hood when I painted, but decided, with feedback from family to keep the original look.
  2. Stanglover, NP with the change of pace on the topic. You are correct, we have to relax and remember the "good old days", our good old days from time to time. I grew up in P'cola FL, and had a jacket very similar to that one myself for our short winters. That pic brings back some fun memories of skateboards, dirt bikes, and hanging around friends with the 60's muscle cars.
  3. I do need some replacement front seat covers. Any recommendations? I also need to put the MACH I decals on it, so can someone help me with this question. This was my now wife of 40 years car in high school. Here is a photo in 1980. This is all the decals on it when she got it in 78. Is this possible?
  4. That stuff is so funny. I am glad I can say I never dawned those digs, but I would have drank a beer with ya back in the day, but remember several friends dressing down and doing the disco thing. When I was deciding to do the work on this car, I considered changing the interior color, but am glad I did not now. It actually looks good together, plus my father-in-law asked I keep it stock, plus I am to cheep to replace something that is in serviceable condition. This was it when I picked it up from my father-in-law. This is it now.
  5. I received my Marti Report, and the car is what the report describes. DOOR DATA PLATE INFORMATION Serial Number 2F05H145637: 2 1972 F Built at Dearborn, 05 Mustang Mach I 2-Door SportsRoof, H 351-2V V-8 Engine, production at Dearborn 11/71, 63R Mustang Mach I 2-Door SportsRoof, 5A Light Pewter Metallic Paint, Ford #3314-A, AF Ginger Vinyl Standard Bucket Seats, 2 2.75 Conventional Rear Axle, X FMX Select Shift Automatic Transmission, 52 Dallas DSO (District Sales Office) Your vehicle was equipped with the following features: - F60X15 Belted Raised White Letter Tires - Power Steering
  6. Very cool. Looking forward to all of the detailed information. I placed my order at $18.00, and I figure I should have it emailed to me next week. Thank you
  7. Thank you everyone. The links were a prefect help to me, and I am sure in the future they will be for others too. At least at this point I can say it is a MACH I from the VIN for sure, and since you all helped me understand the options were all over the map. I will order the $20 report too. I would like to see if all the original options are intact. I would think so since nothing has basically changed on it since 79, except for my removal of the factory AC system. My plan is to upgrade to an aftermarket reliable 134 system. Although I still have the original system. Heck, I even stabbed
  8. 72MustangSprint: Sounds like a H code Mach, (Yes, the 5th digit in the VIN is an H. 2F05H. Based on my research this decodes as: 2 = 72, F = Dearborn MI, 05 = MACH I, and H = 168hp 351 Cleveland 2-barrel V8.) lots of pics and a Marti report would help for value. Is it matching numbers and stock? (I have been around this car since 1980, and it is as it was except for things like an alternator, water pump, starter, and things like that, to my knowledge, yes.) Spike Morelli: .......4 wheel drum brakes? (Yes, 4-wheel Manual drum) Are you sure it's not a Sports roof dressed up as a Mach? (I on
  9. I am attempting to place a value on my 1972 MACH I Mustang. Looking through the web, as expected, the values are spread out quite a bit. I am betting a few of the members here can provide some sound advice on this topic to help me and others with similar questions. I am sure most would ask about the VIN and Condition. Mine decodes as 1972 MACH I with the 168hp 351ci Cleveland, 2-barral V8. I got this one from a family member in 2001. It has been in the family since 1979/80 timeframe. The car sat around as a keeper in a garage between 1987 and 2001. I started taking it apart as a persevera
  10. As shown here, it would be hard, but not impossible if the attempt was to keep the same side of the gaskets down. Just a thought.
  11. I have a pop up from the sight that keeps blocking my view. Been trying to get done for 30 minutes now. You can see from the block photo, the 2 large water ports are forward on the block. The photo of the heads show them in their proper installed position. There was a gasket still on the block on the right bank as seen in the photo. Question 1: do the gaskets go on where both ports are open? Seems so, and that would have been how i most likely installed them. Hope the photos help your thoughts on this problem. [/url] upload imag
  12. libram, TommyK, and clevelandcoupe, thank you for the quick replies. I have been keeping an eye on the coolant and oil looking for signs of one or the other in each. So far no evidence of either. Head Gaskets on backwards? I would like to think I did not make that mistake when I put the engine together, but since it was actually 2002 since I built it, as you can see from my orignal thread: https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-1972-mach-i-351c-2v-fmx-trans?page=2&highlight=1972+MACH+I As you can see from my 2002 engine rebuild photos, assembly led me to oil priming
  13. I have a 72 MACH I with the 351 Cleveland. I rebuilt the engine sometime ago, but its been running fine. No over heating, no high coolant temps, just a boiling inside of the engine/hoses while running and after shutdown until it cools, then the noise goes away. I have: 1. Removed the Thermostat and it still does it. 2. Pressure tested the cooling system with 15 - 20 PSI with no leakage. 3. Played musical thermostat with many different ones, including one that was suppose to be the correct one for the 351. (Recommendations Welcome on others) 4. Restricter in the manifold is in pla
  14. Thanks guys for the welcome back. I checked out your threads. Nice to see what others have going. Stay in touch.
  15. Looking forward to the progress reports. I like that 351 giveaway story. About 13 years ago when I was packing to move across country a friend called me and said he had a going away gift for me, but I had to bring my van to get it. He owned a 1972 Mach I when he was younger. He had bought a factory reman 351 several years prior and wanted me to have it, so I too have a spare in my shed. I have thought about building it up with a 671 blower one day for old time sake. Good looking body work too. I am always impressed with the welding skills of others since I wish I had them myself.
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