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  1. Thanks very much for all of the input. For the record my Mustang has neither rear sway bar or staggered shocks. Oh and on another note, I don't think my functional ram air hood is stock either. At least I have not seen a picture of another 73 Grande with it...
  2. Interesting information. Glad I did it. I see my car was sold to a fleet. Perhaps a rental? Can anybody tell me what the competition suspension was. I had never heard of it.
  3. I agree completely with Mikes73. In terms of cost, performance, and reliability that combination is hard to beat.
  4. What a great fundraising community event!
  5. I have never seen one jump or have heard of one jump. I have been a certified mech-a-neck for almost 30 years
  6. I don't mean to over analyze here but the statement made about points wearing and causing your timing to advance is purely false. As your points close up due to wear, the timing will actually retard. Personally I would not purchase a product in which a error such as this is made. If they really know distributors I don't think they would make this mistake... That said, I recently converted my original stock point distributor to the pertronix ignitor 1. It starts faster, idles better, no longer backfires on deceleration, and is just generally BETTER. As a matter of fact it idles so much better, I had to turn the idle speed down slightly because it was trying to diesel when shutting it off hot. I did not change plugs, wires, gaps, or anything. I have installed several of these units in marine and street distributors over the years and I'm still wondering why I waited so long to do my own.
  7. I don't have the idiot lights, but if I was pretty sure the temp light would bulb check with the engine in cranking mode. (starting the engine)
  8. That's great! There are not many things that match the satisfaction of rebuilding your own engine.
  9. Here's a few pics of what she looks like now! Thanks for the vote!!
  10. I have been a professional automotive technician for 25 years now. The first 23 were with small independent shops, the last two with a GM dealer. I LOVE driving my Mustang to work these days!
  11. Cant see out the back?? Get a Grande.. ;) Seriously though... Cool mod! Wonder how well it would work at night?
  12. Here are some pictures of the right side of my 73. The strip that runs along the body line on the door has lost its plastic inset. Any ideas on where to find this? Or do I have to replace the whole strip? Either way, I am unable to find anything as of yet.
  13. If the timing fell that far off, you likely had the distributor gear roll pin sheared. The dist gear is a press fit to the distributor shaft and is further secured by a little roll pin. I'd hate to recall seeing how many small block fords have done this over the years. Usually happened on cold days too because the oil pump has huge load on the distributor shaft. Pull the distributor and check it. Ive seen some you could grab the rotor and twist the whole thing installed.
  14. Holy crap! Did the rear axle lock up and do that... or is this a failure of another component?
  15. I see the spoiler... But what is wrong with the hood paint??
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