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  1. Ok. I didn't know they cross matched wiring harnesses between the cars.
  2. Hi Everyone, I'm re doing the interior and noticed that the underneath driver seat I have three wire connectors. Two are green plastic and connect together so no problem. The remaining wire is brown but I don't see another connector to connect it to. What does it go to? The Mach 1 has the "Convenience Group" which includes the "Seat Back Latch - Automatic". The passenger seat has four wires which all connect to each other so no problem again. Also the seat back latch automatic system has a solenoid assembly for each seat. Does anyone know where I can purchase the solenoid
  3. Hey everyone, sorry for the slow update. Life keeps getting in the way of my Mustang time. It appears to be the temperature sending unit. I purchased a Motorcraft brand about a year ago. I purchased the best NAPA has and so far so good. I talked to the company that re built my gauges about 3 years ago and they said they have seen a very high number of sending unit failures. Thanks Mark
  4. Hi Everyone, I finally decided to fix my rusting vinyl roof on my 73 Mach 1 after waiting for my body/paint guy to have time which never happened. After I fix the rust does anyone know what material/paint the factory would have put on the metal? The previous owner replaced the vinyl top around 30 years ago. I has a real smooth matte black coating or paint of it. It seems to be thicker then paint. Thanks
  5. Thanks Don. I will check my connections and ground. If good then the sending unit is the problem. I put a new one in about a year or so.
  6. Hi Everyone, This temperature gauge might take the cake as the saying goes. My Mach 1 has the original wiring and gauges. I had them rebuilt professionally about 5-6 years ago. Engine runs cool and spot checking with temperature gun it appears to be right on spot. I replaced the instrument voltage regulator about a year ago. This weekend I drove it up into the Rockies to a car show about 3.5 hours one way. Car ran great and no problems to include going over the 12,000 foot mountain pass. The temperature gauge needle was barely past the first slash mark. After 3 hour of dri
  7. Bump...I'm still trying to figure out what the large yellow male plug goes to? Any insight would be appreciated. I have reviewed the wiring diagram and still can't figure it out. Thanks Mark
  8. Thanks everyone for the replies. I did find my wiring diagram book. I will travel out the pinkish color sure to see where it starts. Midlife was correct I believe I had the Tach bypassed to prevent it going bad and shutting the engine down. Does anyone know the the yellow rubber male plug goes to? Thanks Mark
  9. Hi Everyone, I have 2 wires right above the brake pedal that just hang there. I don't know if they should be connected. One is the pinkish color with 3 female plugs. The other one a red sliced with a black wire. It has a large yellow rubber male plug. My question is what are the 2 wires for and should the be connected. The Mach 1 is a 351C, FMX, non AC, non power. Added headlight relay. Car runs find things work as normal. Any ideas. Hopefully Midlife will chime in. I don't have a wiring diagram. Thank Mark
  10. Great idea. Mark73Mach1 = Mark
  11. I just had all my dash gauges re done and calibrated. Kept the same circuit board and instrument voltage regulator. All gauges work great but when I plug the console clock wire to the wire harness the clock did not work. It was converted to quartz movement about 13 years ago and always work. Any ideas where to start or what to check. The 73 Mach 1 is a factory tach with gauges
  12. Thanks Don. What would be my cost on the window regulators and shipping? My zip in 80111 Thanks Mark
  13. Hey Don, I am looking for both window regulators and the ram air motor actuators. Do you have some or know where I can find them for my 73 Mach 1. Thanks

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