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  1. Thanks. Got the 351C running last Sunday just for a minute or so. Got it timed and idling smooth. This weekend I t put in the pulleys, hoses, power steering pump and hoses. I want to the temperature up to 180ish.
  2. Thanks Midlife. Let me correct the first post. It's a 1970 FMX tranny. Auto spell got me. Mark
  3. I'm attaching the wire harnesses under the hood. I have a 73 convertible but installed a 70 351-2V engine with a GMC tranny. I can not ID the plug and 2 wires in the picture. Any thoughts?? Thanks Mark
  4. I have been trying to work on the convertible on the weekend. Still recovering from rotator cup surgery late February. I got the engine/ tranny in. New gas tank, gas lines, brake lines, new rotors and calipers, rebuilt brake booster, new m/c, new h pipe. Still waiting for exhaust system to be delivered.
  5. Thanks. I have been tracking this car for 15 years. Finally got him to sell it. Just picked up Magnum 500s (15x8) and tires with less then 500 miles for under $1000.
  6. Just a few updates. I have had only 2 days to work on it. Git a ton of parts coming in next week. Dropped the gas tank, new one coming. Remove brake booster and sent it out fir re build. Pulled a 351C-2V and FMX tranny from a 70 Cougar for new drive. Prepping it to run. Got new water pump, thermostat, hoses, plugs, fuel pump, fuel and brake lines, rotors, calipers, brakes hoses, carpet, refurbished the tail lights and housing and Mach 1 grille. Put a battery in it with no engine. Checked the lights and have a few to replace bulbs. Lowered and raised the top. No binding or problems. So I figured not bad for a car that ran sine May 1986. Lots more to do and loving it. Thanks Mark
  7. Hey Mike, I think I will pass on the door panels. I got a few more spots here I want to check out. Thanks Mark
  8. Hey Doug thanks for the offer. I bought a set from Mike. Mark
  9. Hey Mike, thanks for the information. I will think about just the panels without the other items. Most of the other items would need to be replaced. I would also have to dye it. I'm going to look locally here this weekend for some. Also Thanks for the discount price. Mark
  10. They look good. I can replace the arm rest. What price are you looking at for the pair? Also what would shipping be to zip 80111-4650. Thanks Mark
  11. Sounds good Mike. Excited to see them. Mark
  12. What shape are they in and price if you would. Thanks Mark
  13. The USPS finally delivered the bezels. It only took 15 days. They were exactly as Mike illustrated. Thanks Mike for the great product and service. I now need deluxe interior door panels in black preferably. Do you have any? Thanks Mark
  14. Thanks. I will be out at the junk yard tomorrow working in the building they have it in. I cleaned out the interior including dead mice and mice bedding, Its hard to be working within eyesight of it but can't work on the car. Doing labor for price of the car. So far so good.
  15. Here are some more. Hopefully the correct angle. I stopped and sprayed it at the local car wash
  16. Well we finally got is out last Friday. Here are some pics of it in storage and out in the repair shop. It was wrecked in May 1986 on the left front tire area. The junk yard owner started to repair it in the late 1980's and got sidetracked. So it has sat ever since. Little to no rust on it. They just replaced the left side frame rail and double checked all the gaps and alignment points on the rack, So its good and straight and all gaps are good. So now the fun begins.
  17. Thanks Mike. My cousin sent us a box from Indianapolis that was suppose to be delivered last Saturday and got the same response from them. Mark
  18. Hey Mike, do you have a delivery date on the 73 head light bezels? Thanks Mark
  19. I live in Centennial, CO 80111-4650 for pricing shipping rates. Thanks
  20. I will take them. Just let me know how to pay for them. I'm ready to go on them. Thanks so much
  21. Looks good to me, I assume they have some dings. Hard to tell from picture. I can live with that. How much do you want for them? Mark
  22. That will be fine. Sorry about the family issue. I have had several myself in the last 3 months. Due you have a ball park price on them
  23. Bump. Motorcity Mustang any luck on a set?
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