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  1. Notice the intake gasket outline mismatch (larger) in the pics? Means port size on this mani is closer to the 2V size than 4V. Might be a good match for your H-code.
  2. Never understood why Ford used the open chamber 4V (large port) head in 1973-'74 but then installed 2V sized valves. No engineer on the planet would admit to a 2in valve in a 3in pipeline doing anything positive to flow. Ford's own data states the '72 351CJ @266HP; the '73 - 74 @248HP (some sources @246HP). The only difference is the valves; therefore the '73 up CJ heads are worth MINUS 20HP (+/-).
  3. That's a vacuum actuated pull-off for the choke. As soon as engine starts & generates vacuum it pulls choke open slightly to an adjusted amount. The choke pull-off heated spring will gradually finish opening choke fully. I have no idea about the extra(?) plate.
  4. I believe the 4300D (spreadbore) came out w/ the '71 351CJ mid yr engine & had a higher CFM (750?) than the 4300A (605CFM squarebore). 4300D also saw service on 460 engines.
  5. I was on another thread when suddenly it was back to original. Thank you sir!
  6. "I got the Elite report but was not very happy as to how they broke down the numbers. They did not compare all the options but seemed to follow a template of colour , engine, body style and then reached the conclusion that it was 1 of 1 because it came with a heavy duty battery. I was hoping they would have took into consideration how many options were combined on a vehicle. One thing though, they wrote me because it took too long to get the report and they made mention that new people were doing the research for them and I dont think they were as knowledgeable as in the past. Oh well." Similar experience here on my '70 SportsRoof. The Elite Report decoded "63B" as a standard SportsRoof when in reality it means SportsRoof Deluxe (or similar terminology). Seeing as Ford built only 6464 63Bs in 1970 I expected that fact would be in an Elite. That single tidbit of data separates roughly 185,000 other 1970 Mustangs fr mine. Explanation was ""Sportsroof Deluxe" is not a term that is used by the Marketing Department of Ford Motor Company................ we use the terms IDENTICAL to what appeared on the window sticker of the vehicle". Which doesn't explain the "B" code being separated on other reports I've noticed (65Bs & 76Bs). Yeah.......... Oh, well.
  7. Somehow my page display is changed to something totally different. The new pages do not have the "Board View" choice button to lower right. Nor can I find a "User Control Panel". The new display is AWFUL; what is the fix for this? Thank you.
  8. Thanks Ray! It does seem like correct info for Fords is much harder to find; and more so for anything Cleveland related. Searching, cross referencing & verifying takes considerable time to achieve the desired result. The BOSS351 registry has 2) 1971 R code Mustangs documented to have had power windows as factory options. Once I got the search terminology right, there it was. My apologies & thanks to all. Doug
  9. As already stated; that info came fr a site that no longer exists (BOSS351.org - "server can't be found"). The '71 BOSS351 offered fewer options; that changed in '72 when the detuned 'R' engine was offered in any Mustang. Marti is THE MAN. Despite missing the "B" body code on mine he nailed everything else.
  10. Thank you. My ad will be corrected. Have a good day!
  11. Fun car indeed, even w/ a low compression CJ; at least had a good cam if timed correctly. Hyd motor better for street & I'm all for driving them. The 'V' axle is evidence for an 'R' & only adds to the fun in my world. Thanks for comments!
  12. "Mustang mirrors would be D1ZB-...." Not necessarily. Different models shared components fr the Ford parts bin. Which is how engines cast 'D0AE' end up in Mustangs. The only reference I've found to these mirrors specifically states '71 - '73 Mustang. D2 & D4 would be service replacements for the original. These are part of a considerable collection of NOS parts dating fr late 70s. "Ford did not paint parts" I was a Ford partsman in the early 70s; there were many, many parts we could order in specific colours. That being said, maybe someone could post pics of original door mirrors to help us all. "Personally, I'm always ready to learn, although I do not always like being taught." - Winston Churchill
  13. "R codes never being equipped with power windows. Any references?" I saw it on BOSS351.org; that domain no longer exists. Since one could order any '72 Mustang w/ 351HO, it's possible a '72 would have PW option. "As for the breather cover" Look again, not only the air cleaner. Where are the cast aluminum valve covers? "It sure appears to be a true R code" As we all know, any '72 could be ordered as an 'R'; outer appearance means nothing. In this case, appearing as an R code needs to be backed up by verifiable tags & documentation. So yeah, pull fender, tags etc & check against all VIN locations.
  14. Here: http://saskatoon.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-auto-parts-tires-other-parts-accessories-NOS-side-mirrors-71-73-Mustang-W0QQAdIdZ543915362 and see my other ads.
  15. See here: http://saskatoon.kijiji.ca/c-cars-vehicles-auto-parts-tires-other-parts-accessories-NOS-side-mirrors-71-73-Mustang-W0QQAdIdZ543915362
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