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    1973 Fastback, soon to have a 523 BBF, G-Force 5 speed, and AC


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  1. Do you still have the standard hood for sale?
  2. Hello, I am ISO a standard hood in good condition. I live in central Iowa. Please let me know if you have one. Thank you.
  3. Seats are no longer available. I need to keep them now. Thanks
  4. Sorry, I do not have an idea of what shipping would be. Packing them would be difficult and time consuming. Thanks
  5. If no takers by the end of the week, they will be going to scrap. Make me an offer. Thanks
  6. I have both front seats and the matching rear seat from a 71 Mach 1 that I parted out. The front seats have the sliders but the "L" mounting tabs have been cut off. I would prefer not to ship these due to the size and shape. $100/offer for all. Thanks
  7. Hi, the rear honeycomb panel was broken up and has been discarded. Thanks Hi, I do have the tail light wiring assembly. I have the complete vehicle harness actually. I was planning to sell the entire harness to midlife harness for core price when I actually got back into my shop.
  8. Hello, sorry there was no chin spoiler. Thanks Sorry, I do not. The body is now gone and I did not keep any of the bumper items. The car was extremely rotten. Thanks
  9. I live about an hour away from the auction. If the hood was solid I could certainly use that. Other than the shell, there doesn't seem to be much left. What do you think the car is worth? Thanks for the insight.
  10. Sorry, the distributor sold with the engine and the body is now shredded.
  11. Sorry, I am keeping all of the trim until my 73 is completed. Thank You. Sorry, it does not have a fold down rear seat.
  12. Hello All, my 71 Mach parts car is now a shell. The entire body is rotten. The only good steel on the car is the A pillars, roof, and in the rear glass area. I am about to take the sawsall to the car to fit in my dump trailer. I wanted to give the members here a chance to purchase the good body steel. Like I stated earlier, the A pillars, roof, and by the rear glass are the only steel that is not rotten. Thank You.
  13. Here are pics of the front and rear seats. I like to sell them all together. The rear wouldnt be to bad to ship. The fronts may be a pain. If someone wanted to come and get them, I'd let it go for $100. If I have to ship it, it will be $175, plus shipping.
  14. I have the drivers seat. It needs recovered. I do not have the part that goes above the door panels. The center console is all there. But, has about 6 top to bottom cracks. I dont know if it is repairable. Thanks,
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