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  1. Foreign Auto 200 Ridge Road Oak Ridge NJ The guy that owns the shop just did all the body and mechanical work for us. He used to be my neighbor. He matched the original color as close as possible but the modern paint just pops better. I think it was called Ocean Blue or something like that. I love it. Thanks everybody for the compliments.
  2. Are you saying my brother is not great looking? LOL! We are going to put the interior back together with the old stuff as best we can for now ( funding issue ). Eventually we will accumulate everything we need and swap it out. Front and rear spoilers we have and they need to be cleaned up and put on. Also stripes and rear louvers.
  3. Finally picked up the Mach today! Wheels went on and look great Final shake down First stop gas (that is my bro in the pic) at the end of post Off to STS for an alignment To my brothers garage
  4. Probably not, the guy that owns the shop was a neighbor of mine. WHen I asked him to do the car he said he would but it would be during down times as he has a very busy place. So I knew it was going to be a while. Besides after the 15 or so years in my parents back yard and the 4 years at my house I was used to waiting for it. So close now.
  5. The color is Pacific Blue or something like that. I will have to find put for you. I wanted something very similiar to the original blue metallic but with a. Little more pop to it.
  6. For the hood and lower body we are using a satin black. I used flat black the first time and it never looked great.
  7. Update, black not painted today. Oh well a little more wait. Took some more pics.
  8. Yeah almost 1/2 my life LOL! I put the car in my parents back yard when I graduated college and got a job. I could not afford to store it properly it rusted and and a tree fell on it. It would not even be getting done now but my brother (who I originally bought the car with) offered to pay to restore it if he could keep it at his house and use it and I could take it anytime I wanted. I figured it was way better than it sitting for another 15 years or so until I could afford to fix it. When I can afford to I will pay him back for it, but that will be a while, I have two kids to put through college ( he has none).
  9. Thanks for the info, did not know this, but it is to late now. Front moldings are body color and were also on. Oh well I will know for next time LOL. I will tell my son he is getting the car when I am to old to drive it, AKA = dead. Also thanks for all the compliments. I will post more pics if the black gets painted today. I am going nuts to drive the car, I have not driven it since April of 1988.
  10. A few people mentioned about painting the car with the quarter extensions on. Should they have been painted separate?
  11. Yes traditional mach 1 stripes will be going on it in black. I know blue cars have silver but my brother and I striped it black originally in '86 and will be sticking with that, we just like the look better than the argentina. Thanks for all the compliments the shop did a great job, especially since a tree had fallen on the car while it was stored in my parents back yard. It has been a long wait and I can't wait to drive it. My brother and I still need to put the interior back together as best we can for now. We will be accumulating all new stuff and putting it all in at one time when we get it all. Thanks again for the feedback. I love this place it is great to share stuff with people who are into the 71 - 73 years.
  12. Hey everyone my car was finally painted today. The hood and lower black should be done tomorrow. Might pick it on Thursday afternoon, but it is supposed to rain all day. Never fails, after 5 1/2 years at the shop it rains on the day we can pick it up.
  13. Car looks awesome. love the blue. Glad you have it back and two years isn't to bad, I have not driven my car in 25 years! Should have it back in a couple more weeks, but my brother and I will still have to put the interior together and patch the floor. Enjoy yours and again it looks great.
  14. 72mach1


    Thanks everybody the Merc is a great car to cruise in. I found it in 05 when out looking for a possible donor parts car for the mustang. I couldn't pass it up for $2500 dollars. My mustang was and will be blue with black stripes. As far as options I don't think it had many, no fold down rear seat, ac, or ram air. It originally had hub caps, and no stripes. It is a four speed and has a Mach 1 interior. As far as pictures I have to see what I can get from the garage where the car is being restored. I think they took a bunch. But I will definitely take a bunch when we pick up the car, which should be in the next two weeks or so.
  15. 72mach1


    Here is a picture of the car in progress. I will post more pictures when we get it back. Here is a picture of my Mercury in the Memorial Day parade last year if anyone is interested.
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