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  1. https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/ford/mustang/1903813.html This might have already been posted. Crazy people
  2. You know your son better than anyone here. If you think he's responsible enough for the power, give it to him. That being said, high performance equals high maintenance. The coyote swap is a ton of work. 347s have a tendency to overheat, its gonna need a heavy duty cooling system. The 3 speed probably won't last long behind a 347 either, so budget for a beefier trans. All in all it'd probably be best to refresh what it needs and let the boy drive it. I'm sure he'll have plenty of fun.
  3. dang clemson fans. looks like it was a nice blue/blue combo.
  4. plus hes gonna restore another one to that level. somebody stop this mad man.
  5. this guy is definitely off his rocker. at times he was incoherent. warning, towards the end he uses a lot of profanity.
  6. Guy finally replied. I'll post our text conversation a little later. I noticed the ad got removed.
  7. he never texted back... figures. maybe I'll up the ante a little.
  8. I sent him a text offering 800. lets see how this goes.
  9. looks great. my fiancé is in the market for a cobra. trying to talk her into it. factory spoiler delete cars are pretty rare.
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