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  1. It took three fire extinguishers one was from inside the car. It looks like a gas Leak from the back bowl on the holly carb. The hood was shut and I heard the backfire then smoke. The scariest part was it was in the garage. The insurance is with haggerty and we are working to see how close to totaled it is. The amount it's insured for is $12,000 so we will see what they say. I say the car is totally savable. We are lookin at engine wiring, ac lines, hoses, distributor and coil and also paint on the fender hood and door.


    Yes, Gas Monkey is in Dallas but I don't know anybody who has worked with them. Also I'm afraid of the cost now they are famous.


    The best advice is keep at least on fire extinguisher in each car and a big one for the garage.

    I can post photos later I just don't have them with me.

  2. I used the Dupli Color Perfect Match Spray Paint Duplicates Original FORD Colors #BFM0383 Silver Met Replaces T229 Form O'Riellys Auto Parts (any Auto Parts Store). This was on the advice of this web site http://www.mach1restoration.com/restoring-the-gauge-cluster-on-71-72-73-mustang/

    It came out looking just like the original with better coverage. I also repainted my needles with paint Rocketman Bob recommended Testors Model Master Enamel #FS 28915 'Fluorescent Red'. I still have things in pieces but will try to post some pictures tonight.


    Good Luck!

  3. That's what I was worried about...the clearence of the e brake. Could you have shimmed the brake pedal out at allso you would have clearence or does the speaker sit too far out?


    I had first thought about doing that but there's just no way it would clear the dash frame. It's just too much bulk to safely mount the brake.


    Quick update... Getting ready to make a post all about the USA-2 radio sold by Cj's site and the audio quality and ease of install. I also just finished ordering the full stereo system and will be doing a nice little update on that as well. Just need to find the time to get the work done :)



    Update on the parking brake? What hand brake did you use?

    I was looking to do the speaker install on my coupe and was trying to decide between a dash or floor hand brake. Then if a floor hand brake where to put it? Wow this gets gets out of control fast! :s

  4. The J I'm sure you have looked at the 2013 tail lights but maybe someone has smacked one up by now and you can get a board from a junkyard. I was just thinking for research on the white/red LEDs and the halos. it looks like the halos are the parking/running lights and the center three are the brake/signal. The center lens is back up/brake/signal.

    here is a link to the tail light back up light in action




    This is also odd the halos look like direct LEDs in this video but have looked like conventional incandescent or led run from a reflector on other cars.


    Just food for thought and again I'm sure you have already been obsessing over the lights like I have. This is a VERY COOL project and I'm looking forward to seeing them in person.



    I think the tough part will be the center opening, since you're going to stagger red and white LEDs... it's probably gonna get a little tight in there. Good luck and have fun with that! ;) :D


    Curiousity though - what are you thinking on how to light up the 'rings?' I'm wondering if a trio of incandescents in the normal locations wired up to the parking lights would take car of that (since they'd be hidden by the LED boards, all they would illuminate should be the rings) - as noticed by the picture of Q's installation. Just a thought to maybe keep the cost and complexity down.


    Also, any idea on how to mount the circuit boards inside the housings? I'm thinking the simplest way would be to come up with some kind of pedestal that fits into the original bulb locations (for simplicity).


    Don't mind me and my musings, J - I know you're going to come up with something cool... just can't wait to see it all come together. ::thumb::


    I found some bi-color red/white LEDs so I'll give them a try. As for the parking light rings, I was planning on something similar but with red LEDs instead. Sorry for the delay guys, I'm really chomping at the bit to get the circuit board.

  5. Follow up

    Midlife sent me a plug for the fan switch with pigtails and I also ordered a new fan switch from Mustangs Unlimited. The bad fan switch was shorting and melted the plug. A new switch and plug in place and it works like a charm.

    Midlife is AWESOME and any wiring for our cars that seems impossible or hard to find he has. Thanks again for the help!

  6. I know I have a bad fan switch (over heated contacts) I also have a damaged switch plug. This is the plug that plugs directly into the fan switch. I have located a new replacement switch but have been unable to locate the plug.




    Anybody else have this issue? My only other idea is to build blade connectors for each blade on the switch and lose the plug.



  7. Hello guys72Mach1,


    I like what you did to the mustang body/suspension upgrade! According to Maier Racing, these parts are listed for the 1965 through 1970 Mustangs. There was no fit issues? Does Maier Racing say they are designed to fit the 1971-73 Mustangs? I see the sub-frame connectors are also listed for only 65-70. Maybe they have not updated the web catalog. Please advise.


    mustang7173 :huh:



    I am also looking to do sub frame work and wanted to the same thing. On the other hand I really like what Obsidian71 did on his car but I don't think I have the skill he does with a welder.



    Just found this on Dallas Mustangs site "Subframe Connectors, 1967-1973, Coupe & Fastback, Global West" http://www.dallasmustang.com/mustang-parts/product/Subframe-Connectors-1967-1973-Coupe-Fastback-Global-West/10481

    I would call Maier Racing but I bet if you are welding these in they will cover 67-73 just fine. Just a guess at this point. I am out of town for a while but I'll re-post when I can if someone doesn't beat me to it.

    Also the proof would be on the nice red fastback! :D

  8. WOW! I think you need a camera crew and you could have a great Overhaulin episode! I also believe Chip Foose would be impressed. I have seen this type of a job done on a 72 Camaro with 98 interior and drive train but a 71-73 Stang is WAY COOLER!


  9. I had the same issue with my car and this sounds so dumb. I went through firing order, gaskets, timing etc.. It was the PVC line got plugged into the power brake booster port on the carb base. On Hollys they look the same. You can try to swap them or just plug both and drive the car. If it fixes it then find out what port is for the PVC. Usually it is in the front or the back center and the brakes are on the side, but check your model.


    I hope this helps.

  10. Photos

    Yellow is the 72 the blue is the 73 both were used to make the 73 I have now. I know this is not PC for preserving the mustangs but when I started (1992) the 71-3 was not sought after and that goes extra for the coupe. Since I liked the coupe I wanted to make a daily Restomod only at the time the Restomod didn't exist.

    Enjoy the pics!








    Next post will be pics of the car now

    Sorry the car is a little dirty but it's a driver that goes under the knife as I have money and time.

    The color is 94 laser red.

    The last pic should be the hydraulic clutch with a bracket to the Factory Ford clutch pedal.






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