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  1. Guess I am glad I know how to use the wayback machine, because it wiped out a number of topics and other information it seems. Upon further investigation Rocketfoot the conversion seems to have wiped out the sub-forums for all of our tutorials and how-to's in the various tech forums. The links below will show you the old sub forums in tech. https://web.archive.org/web/20160715192318/http://www.7173mustangs.com/forum-tech-forums As you can see in the link below the new Tech Forum is missing all of the tutorials and how to sub-forums. https://7173mustangs.com/forums/forum/8-tech-forums/
  2. Any word on missing post's? I had multiple how to posts that seem to have disappeared. 2 examples below. https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-how-to-sbf-pmgr-starter-upgrade https://www.7173mustangs.com/thread-how-to-302-3g-alternator-upgrade
  3. I didn't see it in the chain but is it a lightning truck? If so I stick to the well knowns for work and not a stealership. Tasca is great for a reasonable price on true oem parts so you don't get screwed with cheap China knockoffs though. Sent from my SM-J320V using Tapatalk
  4. Look at the size of a Mustang today and then you really get the idea of how perceptions have changed over the years. Our cars were considered huge as a Mustang. 1971 Exterior Measurements WIDTH 6 ft. 2.1 in. (74.1 in.) HEIGHT 4 ft. 2.1 in. (50.1 in.) LENGTH 15 ft. 9.51 in. (189.51 in.) WHEEL BASE 9 ft. 1 in. (109 in.) CURB WEIGHT 3560lbs. 2015 Exterior Measurements WIDTH6 ft. 3.4 in. (75.4 in.) HEIGHT4 ft. 6.4 in. (54.4 in.) LENGTH15 ft. 8.3 in. (188.3 in.) WHEEL BASE8 ft. 11.1 in. (107.1 in) CURB WEIGHT 3526lbs.
  5. If you have driven a Lincoln or other comparable land yatch of that era I think the sizes work out.
  6. Same here I have seen that car multiple times in the past and yes it does seem to have been for sale for a while.
  7. Yup those damn collapsible spares are a pain in the ass. Mine has one also don't see them much anymore. Always a pain in the ass and never air available when ya need it.
  8. On a side not I want to give a shout out to Calvert Racing. Many know exactly what I am talking about but in recent years, but some may not have noticed, many parts I have purchased for various vehicles have been been infected with a minimalist attitude. IE under engineered to the maximum. Using low grade steel or minimal thickness. So when it fails or you have problems with it the company just says well we engineered it for a stock vehicle not your modified blah blah blah. So they can basically avoid fault for their cheap ass design. I pulled the Cal-Tracs fully out of the box yesterday and took a good look at them and they are down right awesome. Thick steel, nice welds what I would expect from a anti-axle wrap setup. I will also be installing the Doetsch Tech Adjustable Shocks and will post a review of them also. They are oil filled shocks which I am generally a bigger fan of.
  9. I love how the new wheels fill the wheel well right out. Just to much black on the old setup.
  10. I finally got time today to get her out from under the cover and install the shoes. I still have to install the progressive rate 1" lowering springs up front and roller perchs also. I will report back once I get some ride time on them on how they feel. All the research paid off and they fit real nice. Before and After pics 17x8 Ansen Sprints with 235/45R17 BFG Sport Comp 2's up front 17x9 Ansen Sprints with 275/40R17 BFG Sport Comp 2's out back
  11. I got my repro grill from Don and it is real nice. From what he said they are made out of a better material also. So they are a bit mire durable than the originals.
  12. Infamous 71 Hurst 4 speed shifter boot that always splits and was only used in one year
  13. Fug the damn Roush I am in for more LTD PRON. Engine bay and stuff. Have you done any work to the rear suspension?
  14. Personally you could not talk me into giving that car up. My dad is restoring a 67 Galaxie right now and they are great cars for the age. One of my favorite non-sports car drivers. 3 Link suspension which makes them drive awesome and a punchy V8 with a little work. I am a huge fan of the new Mustangs but you have a beautiful piece of history right there and it looks tastfully built from those pictures.
  15. Are they being installed on a convertible or a hard top? Is it showing sagging already?
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