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  1. That is Awesome, LMFAO Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. I got my motor today, Boy what a mess. It's dirty and covered with cobwebs. How much of the emissions and vacuum lines can I get rid of to clean this up. I am looking for some good info on what vacuum lines are good to keep and where to route them. Also, what a good clutch for the money?
  3. The RJM harnes previously reccommended is an excilent harness, http://www.rjminjectiontech.com/products/classic-ford-harness You Will need to use an 89-93 ECCIV 60 pin CPU instead of the 94-95 ECCV 104 pin CPU from the 95. The 94-95 ECCV is OBDII and way more complex. While your out salvage yard hunting. an aluminum 51 1/4" DS from an early 2dr Exploder is a bolt in. Tubo Ok, I am trying to understand, the 95' ECCV is not the way to go. I am looking at the best way to go long term. So the 87 to 93 ECCIV is a better choice. What about the alternator? Do I use the original
  4. So the block on a 94 and 95 are different from the other 302's? I was hoping to swap them out.
  5. Great advice, thank you all. I found out that the motor and tranny I am buying have 58,000 miles on them. They were pulled about 3 yrs ago for a project and were never used. I will even get the drive shaft, shorty headers and the radiator as well. I am so stoked about this project. I am wondering if it won't be easier to just keep it together and run it the way it is for now.
  6. Man, I feel a lot better about doing this swap now. I have another clean late model roller 302 that I was thinking of running a carb set up with the T5 tranny just to get me down the road. That would give me time to build a 302 the EFI with all the good stuff and sort out my harness. Will I need to worry about running the cats with the EFI? And why is the 87 to 93 pulley system more desirable than the 94 to 95 system. Thanks
  7. I am new to the site, and I have been lurking in the shadows for a bit. I have 73 Grande with Mach 1 badging that I have own for 15 years. It has been a project for all that time, and now I have the time to finish it. It currently has a 302 with a FMX. I have found a low mileage 95 GT 302/5speed pullout complete with harness and computer. I looking at doing a complete swap and since it has the fly wheel, clutch, bell housing,starter, ect.., I am hoping this should a easy swap far as the bolt up part. Any thoughts?
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