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  1. So what is this knob end supposed to look like?
  2. Only one configuration, so one side won't be correct.
  3. Kind of. The 'tangent tail' of the OE spring is there so that the spring won't walk out of the lower seat as it's cycled. Is the cut spring going to move? Probably not. This is one of the reasons why most will recommend against cutting springs, if that sucker comes out of there it won't be fun... If you are diligent when re-installing the springs I think you can get the newly cut end to touch the stop. I've cut the springs on a car many moons ago but can't remember if I just left the end out in space hoping it wouldn't walk or tried to get the end to the stop. Sorry for the rambling, not really answer...
  4. 429 air cleaner assemblies don't have the extra metal part between the seal ring and the filter housing, but the principle is the same for lowering the outer portion of the air filter housing to keep the seal at the same height while allowing the carburetor, filter and lid to stick farther up inside the hood plenum: http://429mustangcougarinfo.50megs.com/stealth_aluminum_intake.htm
  5. Lots of good reference material on engine combinations in these two forums: http://www.the351cforum.com/viewforum.php?f=4 http://351c.net/board/index.php?/forum/23-351-cleveland-4v-street-engine-builds/ And down the internet rabbit hole you go...
  6. Was there a change at some during the 71-73 production run in how the throttle cable attaches to the gas pedal arm? I have an early 71 and a mid-72 and the cables have an eyelet that a pin passes through. I bought a repop cable that has a lug. Was the pedal changed from a pin to something else at some point?
  7. This^^^ Unfortunately you have a car that that will retain more value if you repair and patch the pieces you have vs. replace. Its way more work, but for an example, that PS seat riser date code is irreplaceable. Also, I would consider hard plastic scrapers- I used a regular old putty knife and got overzealous and you can see each scrape through the primer as the corner of the blade deforms the metal. Maybe you have a defter touch but might save you some extra metal finishing. Great score on the car!
  8. Geoff- I forgot you asked about brake pressure: https://www.summitracing.com/parts/leb-bpg001?rrec=true Threads into the bleeder port, may need a hose to allow the gauge to clear things. This would give you some insight into what the calipers and wheel cylinders (still rear drums?) are seeing for pressure. -Matt
  9. The 4* on the corner denotes a 4V head with the larger ports and valves, so this head was installed by Ford on a 4V engine. I think you have the date code correct. Is it possible that the heads have been swapped onto your original short block? Can you locate the block partial VIN?
  10. Geoff- Can you elaborate on the 'pedal feel' complaint? If I had to guess I would start playing with your pedal ratio. The conversion to vacuum assist should have increased the MC bore dia. in concert with a move to the pin on the pedal to take advantage of the vacuum assist to the pressure from your foot. Sorry if I missed this in the above posts! -Matt
  11. This is the area of the passenger side toe board looking up from the engine compartment. On an A/C car, the HVAC case drain would be routed through this hole. Does this hole exist on all bodies or was it only opened up on cars destined for factory A/C? You can also see that the floors were repaired incorrectly, the shop used the full-length pan complete and cut out the bottom of the toe board... Thanks! -Matt
  12. Amazon FTW! Thanks for the suggestion!

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