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  1. I would be interested, I am in metro Detroit as well... -Matt
  2. Love the '80's look! Reminds me of the cars in magazines back at those times...
  3. As long as when you install the trans and go to tighten the converter bolts/ nuts it pulls the convertor forward towards the flexplate you are good...
  4. Interesting car. Is a retail order a customer order? If so, I bet that person was nervous as hell that the car wouldn't get built that late in the model in the year...
  5. You don't have to pull the fenders off. Its tricky with two hands and easier with a helper- a mirror, flashlight and a cellphone after some cleaning will tell you the partial on the shock tower drop off. Remove one or both front wheels and you can get in there...
  6. Below are pics that I have stolen from the internet over the years. The white car I have labeled as 'unrestored,' but that just means that somebody selling the car claimed that, I didn't verify! The white car seems to have the same vacuum hose location as the dirty green car but not as the clean red one. I assume the clean red one is wrong? I messed with the aftermarket RA setup on my car as the PO had just used generic hardware to install it and it looked horrible. My vacuum hose kit did not come with the metal P-clamps that hold the hose to the plenum so I had to dig around at Lowe's or Mena
  7. I had a spindle break on me. I was cruising around on some country roads and when I was slowly crawling through the gas station parking lot the spindle snapped between the inner and outer races. Not fun to try and get the car moving again with the rotor wedged into the caliper in the middle of a gas station parking lot but could have been a lot worse...
  8. Hood twist locks? So is it originally ram air or what? Neat car for sure.
  9. The 429 engine side brackets are hard to find! I've been trying to locate one to use as a pattern for a while also. @Hemilkiller: if you do get one to use as a pattern, build an extra and I'll buy it from you... -Matt
  10. Stock ignition? I have had a condenser go bad and it would run fine until the condenser got hot and then gradually start to miss and finally die. I thought it was fuel related and it drove me crazy.
  11. I duplicated this No need to cut the trunk floor. My car is still in a million pieces though so no idea how it'll work. Another option to consider.
  12. Sorry, this is part two, the above is just the old boy tongue waggin
  13. I'm with Don- it can be done with success, but not without proper technique and equipment. I would start with asking engine builders or restorers who they use for block repair. The process is the same as the material is the same- furnace to pre-heat the part and then the right materials for the welder. There are a couple of videos this guy put out there and its crazy how good they turn out...
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