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  1. I'd be wary of assigning any significance to it. Its an operator at the casting plant graffiti-ing the sand core of the block mold is all you could say definitively at this point in time!
  2. I have not seen a better hood treatment than the O.E. scooped hood with blackout. The blackout would really pop against the yellow. But that's my $0.02. Your car looks great whatever you decide!
  3. Something that I had not noticed before was the formed hard line at the PS pump that the pressure hose connects to- this is often missing. I bought one from Don not too long ago for my car.
  4. That may be the easiest/cheapest/quickest option...
  5. I'm thinking of buying a rebuilt transmission for my car instead of getting the unit that's in the car rebuilt. It doesn't look like getting the right tailshaft housing will be an issue but its possible that the shift lever won't be of the floor shift variety. Are the floor shift levers for a C-6 available aftermarket or do I have to hunt one down? I'd prefer not to have to steal the one out of my current trans if I don't have to... Thanks! -Matt
  6. I would hit up Don, I got one from him a couple of months back...
  7. Is there a difference in the captive nut on the top of the core support for hood lock equipped cars vs. those not equipped? My car has had the support replaced and the captive nut where the bumper threads into sits quite proud of the surface preventing the hood lock bracket from sitting down flush on the core support top. I may be making a mountain out of a mole hill here but figured I'd ask. See below...
  8. Are those paper clip-looking thingys reproduced? I need a pair of those, my belts are flopping around behind me and its annoying...
  9. Circling back to the interior- just trying to confirm the finishes and part colors on the 'Mach 1 Sports Interior Group.' Since the initial info I received (thanks for all of the knowledge fellas!) I found a storage pocket in my parts stash and re-did the center gauge trim. Half the screws were missing or the wrong sizes. At least now things are consistent. And I added some aftermarket gauges so I know how bad (!) the hot oil pressure is. Oh and its hard to take good interior pics outside... Thanks to Muskrat1 for the wheel, it looks great and is a huge improvement over the one
  10. Duraspark coils use the below connector usually called a 'horseshoe' connector The female box and dizzy harness connectors are available aftermarket as well. Depending on which DS system (1 or 2) you decide to go with I found the below chart somewhere that details compatability Check out those plug gaps!
  11. I need to make one of these but I need two dimensions: 1) how far the ball CL is from the face that sits on the bell housing, and 2) how thick is the bell housing at these two bosses. I don't have an OE bell, I have a scattersheild which is thinner so I figured I would make one vs. cut up an original part. Thanks!
  12. Don @ Ohio Mustang Supply (who is a site supporter) has been a good resource for questions about what vendors supply which reproduction pieces and which ones are the best quality. He should be able to answer your questions. I am pretty sure that all 71-73's use the same core support but have been wrong before.
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