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  1. Hi Everyone! I don't know if this thread should have remained on the "Introduction" page as long as it has, but I really wanted to say thanks for everyone's information, assistance, and input. You have all (mostly all) been very supportive and I've learned a great deal about the passion of the 1971 - 1973 Mustang Owners. Here's where we are right now...I've received an offer on this Mach I for $10,500.00, if the owner will 1) accept this offer and 2) reassemble the car into running/driving condition. Not sure if the current owner is going to accept the offer, but I feel like I've done my job. As I've told a couple of the 7173mustangs.com members, I've been fortunate to buy and sell quite a number of cars, trucks, and miscellaneous vehicles in the 47 years since I bought my first car! I've also sold a lot of vehicles for friends and acquaintances, and I've been reasonably well paid for my efforts. I'm sorry if some of you (well, one of you) do not share my enthusiasm and belief in what I do and what I'm capable of. You seem to be a little skeptical of my efforts. It's unfortunate when one person comes across in a negative manner, but I'm simply not going to let that keep me from doing what I love! Thanks again, to everyone who provided sound advice, information, and guidance in this endeavor. v/r, don
  2. I guess I'm not up on all the terminology! This means???
  3. Hi Everyone, As promised, I wanted to update those of you interested in this Mach I (or, at least the story of the car) following the eBay listing. As you are probably aware, the car did not sell during the recent auction. The bidding hit $7,100.00 at auction's end. However, immediately after the end of the auction I was contacted by two bidders stating they had tried to enter $8,000.00 right at the close. Both of the individuals had been in active contact, asking a lot of questions and expressing a lot of interest in the car. In subsequent conversations I've come to believe I could get a little over $10,000.00 for the car...but, I have been unable to get the owner to entertain selling the car for between $10,000.00 and $12,000.00 as the car sits! So, that's where we are, at this point in time. I wanted to say, again, thanks a lot for all the input.
  4. Welcome from Colorado! There's a lot of good information and good people on this site. Many people have been very helpful in my quest to assist a friend of mine...another '71-'73 owner! Enjoy!!
  5. Ray, thanks for the additional input. And, I find the points you've made to be pretty consistent with my perspective on things. Too many buyers jump on things because they look at things as they are "in their mind" and they're not actually looking at what's literally, physically in front of them. I've been buying and selling cars for years and I have a fair amount of experience at it, but I've still had my issues. LOL!! I'm going to try and convince the owner to reassemble the car into driving condition. Even at that, I don't think the car will bring what he is hoping to see out of it. But, if we can resurrect one more old piece of tin, and maybe reassembled it'll spur him to recondition the car and enjoy it, that will be a little success story in its own right! Classic case: The truck before..."ready for paint", lots of parts, reasonably priced. To get to the truck after, another $4,000.00 in parts and almost $5,000.00 in body and paint work!! Thanks, again! don
  6. Thank you Steven Harris. This is closer to what I expected when I first started researching this car. Some of the key elements of this car are the current owner being the 2nd owner. I'm basing a lot of my discussion/actions on "his word" and he's always been straight with me. I've been told repeatedly, the car has never been wrecked, never even been damaged, and I've seen first-hand the condition of the tin. I've been told, and related to you all, why the car is apart and I believe the owner. He says he has all the necessary equipment to bring the car to drivable condition in less than a week. I have, in fact, urged him to clean up and reassemble the car to show prospective buyers the car runs, drives, and to give them a better idea of the overall condition of the car. Now for the bad news! I finally had the owner give me his final "lowest acceptable" number. Wow! Unfortunately, I've also been asked not to divulge that number while the car is going through this initial round of discussion, advertisement, etc. NOT trying to pull any quick ones here, I'm just following through on the owner's wishes. I've sold a lot of cars, trucks, motorcycles, tractors, etc., including quite a few for a number of my friends. Sold on eBay, Craigslist, local advertising, word of mouth, etc., and people will tell you I try to be straightforward and painfully honest. To that end I've told the owner I think he's really high on his pricing...but, IT IS his car and I am only working on the sale of the car, given that I WON'T buy it at his price. So, I'm not competing with anyone with an interest in this car and I'm not going to be a factor in the price of the car. If you want to see it in it's current eBay listing, http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/Mach-I-/190851852686?_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649&ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&forcev4exp=true here it is.
  7. Welcome to the site from Colorado! I'm just getting started myself, but it seems there are a lot of helpful, knowledgeable members on the site. Good luck with bringing your convertible back to its former status!
  8. One thing you have to realize is that you can't compare a 71-73 to a 64-70 price wise. ... I cant understand why its missing the stripes and a fender (obviously an accident) There's still a lot of work to do... I don't think $3000 would be an insult... Either way it looks like a cool well optioned car. Good Luck! You're right, I shouldn't have picked a '70, and a 428 CJ, as an example in this case. The car is not missing any stripes. As Don65Stang pointed out, this car did not come from the factory with the hockey stripes, however the black exists on the rockers, below the trim, as it would have come from the factory. Also, you may have missed my initial post, where I indicated "This Mach I is a woman drive, never wrecked, and never damaged car." In the post immediately prior to your reply I indicated the front end, original motor, and virtually everything required to put the car back together was available. The tin was only removed in anticipation of a motor swap and complete reconditioning of the car. Based on additional research, including (private) input I've received on this site, $3,000.00 is an extremely low price and I think such an offer would not be well received. Again, I appreciate everyone welcoming me to the site and the input on the car. We'll keep working on it and I'll let everyone know if/when it is listed or if it is made available for sale on the open market.
  9. Thanks for the great welcome from everybody and I really want to thank everyone for their input on the car and your help in my attempts to assess realistic value for this Mach I. So far, I can see there is a lot of interest in a fairly "unmolested" car of this year and model. To address some of the questions and issues, let me follow up with some answers. Pertaining to the "Hurst Edition": I thought this was a case of someone coming up with the idea of the Hurst Edition because, over the years, the reference to the "Hurst" shifter made them think it was something special. As OMS pointed out, all of the 4-speed cars had Hurst shifters. Weren't all of the 4-speed cars also top loaders? manu64: I'm sorry I failed to respond earlier, it's just that I was away from the house yesterday helping a friend put an engine in a truck he's working on and I returned home very late last night. Don65Stang: I'll have to check on the wheels but, IIRC, the owner told me they are 15s. Also, to answer one of your earlier questions (may have been in a PM), the set of wheels/rings/caps are complete and the only reason the front ring and cap isn't on the car is there was damage to the original tire. Boss1Ray: If I could buy the car for the dollar value you've indicated, it would be a done deal. Unfortunately, the owner wants significantly more than you've stated. But, you bring up some excellent points. The original 351 is under the bench, where is was put years ago with the anticipation of switching the power to a 429. Things change, the original motor, 4-speed, front wrap, and virtually everything to put the car back together is available. In fact, the car could be assembled in original form and running in a matter of days. The owner also has a number of new parts for the car. The car was dismantled because the owner intended to switch to the 429 and essentially bring the car back to "like new" condition. Elimination of even the possibility of ANY rust was a consideration at that time. The only rust I've been able to see is some minor oxidation and the typical rust as shown in the attached pictures. Now would be the time to fix this! But, as they say, things change. The car hasn't been driven in years! But, it's also an undamaged, never wrecked specimen. ebay has a '70 that is complete, rebuilt, but it is a 428 CJ car. They're "Buy It Now" price is $42,000.00 and it was just listed. On Craiglist, in Denver, is a '72 Mach I (351/C6) that is repainted, but not completed, and there has been some deviation from "stock". He's asking $6,300.00 and it can be seen here...http://denver.craigslist.org/cto/3846232928.html. So, I'm continuing my search/research and I'll keep you all up to date on what I find out. At some point, I'm probably going to have to list the car on ebay, per the owner's wishes. If I do, I'll put the link to the car up on this thread. Can I say again, THANKS to all for your help. This is a great site!!
  10. I have an additional question on the Mach I cars. Has anyone ever heard of a "Hurst Edition" Mach I? Or, is this just an idea generated over time because the 4-speed cars (or some of the 4-speed cars) has Hurst shifters? Just wondering...still gathering info!
  11. I think you pretty well hit it! Here's the hood. And, I'm told the stripes on the magazine cover car are supposed to be on this Mach I. (I can't tell you why they aren't on the car now, because I've been told by a VERY reliable source the car has never been wrecked.) I've been researching the Mach I cars of this era to try and determine a realistic value. Ran across this very nice site and joined!
  12. Hi All! I'm a new guy from Colorado, but certainly not new to the hobby. I've been very active with truck, suburban, blazer, and miscellaneous projects. And, while I do not presently own a Mustang, I am gathering some information on a 1972 Mach I I'm currently looking into. So, I have a friend who wants me to buy, or help him sell, his '72 Mach I. If my understanding is correct, it's a "Q" car, 351, 4-speed, Tach, excellent tin, good interior, many new parts available, and virtually NO rust outside of some very minor surface oxidation. My friend is the second owner and knows the PO. This Mach I is a woman driven, never wrecked, and never damaged car. The original 351, top-loader 4-speed, and front end are all available and will be included in the sale. What would someone expect to pay for a car this straight! Thanks in advance for any help!!
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