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  1. Sorry I wasn't there to meet everyone. I just couldn't get it in my schedule Friday night. Saturday I was already committed to 4 Wheeling at Pickett State Park so I knew I wouldn't be at the show.
  2. That's a Mach 1 Ranchero. Look at those side stripes. jk Nice find Auron!
  3. Great to hear someone heading into Music City. I live in the Murfreesboro area btw. If I don't have to work, I'll be happy to meet up with you. I'm not sure if I will be putting my car in the show that weekend. I hit a bird Friday night and it broke one of the bolts to the trim molding next to my headlight. And now its just dangling from one bolt. I'm going to attempt a temporary repair till I can get another one painted and put on. I have no more paint so I think its going to be an expensive repair for such a small part.
  4. I just switched my antique tag to an original 1973 plate and the DMV made me surrender my Antique tag in order to do it. For Tennessee using the old plate has the same rules and restrictions that our Antique tags do. But it sure looks cooler!
  5. My vert has the spare tire lock and it was holding down the spare that still had the polyglas spare tire. I have another rim im going to use for a useable spare for road trips. I still don't know why I'm keeping the original polyglas spare intact as it probably doesn't add anything other than nostalgia. It did take me a bit to figure out that the round key was the magic to getting it to unlock. LOL I also have the automatic seat release option and every time you open the passenger door you can hear it click. I still find myself reaching down to the lever on the seat each time tho.
  6. i tried the Bleche-White and it did make the white areas look clean but didn't remove the brownish haze at the top of the letters. Maybe I didn't let it sit long enough. I'm kinda wondering if I might have gotten a couple of factory second tires by mistake but its too late to run back to the tire shop since they have been on the car for almost a year now.
  7. None of it is reproduced and your going to have a heck of a time trying to find someone selling just parts of the top frame. I've only found sellers wanting to sell the complete top frame. There is one complete top frame currently on ebay for $400 plus $150 shipping which i find to be a little high. Be patient and keep checking ebay and craigslist and you can get a decent deal. You can get the clevis pins and washers from several suppliers. You might also contact Mustangs Unlimited, Ohio Mustang, and Mustangs Plus and see if they possibly have any convertibles being parted out.
  8. Thanks for all the great tips. I will give those a try.
  9. I'm just curious to here what everyone is using to clean your tires up. I personally don't care for the wet look on the tires of my Mustang as I feel it takes away the vintage feel. I don't think anyone was using anything like that in the 70's either. I've been using SOS pads to scrub my tires clean and I think I picked that up from my Dad doing that when I was a kid. I have been having a time trying to get the white letters to be white without stains in them. When I had the tires installed 2 of them had a brownish cast at the top of the raised white letters. I've tried several different products to bleach them whiter but nothing has worked so far. Any suggestions?
  10. I read both articles from mustang7173 and mdan75. Both articles have some interesting and great info. Here is my reason for using the oil I use. When I rebuilt my engine, one of my concerns about shifting away from a flat tappet style motor was cost vs how long would I go before the engine bay needed refreshing again. If you take a look at anyone's engine that has 80,000 miles on it, you certainly won't see an engine that looks freshly rebuilt. This is about that life expectancy of the flat tappet motor. So at that thought I could not justify spending an additional $500 to switch from a flat tappet style. With this said, I still put plenty of trust in the Zinc based oil that the manufacturer recommends. I currently use Valvoline 10w30 racing oil as it contains the zinc additive I need for my flat tappet style motor. I also have a Motorsports B303 cam and I hope the Zinc is keeping my cam in good condition as well. I really doubt that I will put another 80,000 miles on this motor before I get the urge to change it up again but just in case it does stay in there I know its what the manufacturer recommended for this engine and it worked just fine until I rebuilt the motor at 89,000 miles. Right or wrong, this was how I came to my reasoning.
  11. I've been driving mine lately to the chiropractor which in turn causes his entire office to run behind because everyone leaves his office to come out and look at the car. Its a completely different kind of attention the convertibles get from a hard top. Maybe our heads are glowing with a Halo from the sun shining down on our hair gel. The Chiropractor hasn't asked me to stop bringing the car because he wants one too.
  12. Nice find and welcome from Middle TN.
  13. Welcome from Murfreesboro TN. Glad there are so many Mustang lovers in our state.
  14. Welcome from another another vert owner in Middle TN. No real plan was in motion when I started. I just do what I think sounds good at the time. It's the best way to enjoy your car.
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