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  1. That is a very philosophic but understandable way to put it. I do remain polite most of the time. But they don't know that by lying or pretending to know better than someone who actually owns a Mustang, they put a wall between me and them never to be removed again. If they were curious, and would like to learn about the car, they would stand more chance feeling the shine of my stardom rofl No seriously, a lady came to my house the other day, a bit shaky saying here husband really loved my car and it was his birthday shortly. That husband had talked to me before about how he really genuinly loved my car, no other bullshit. So I surprised him on his birthday at his home and did a roadtrip with him and his wife to Bruges, the nearby town where I dropped them off for a drink. The lady asked what she had to pay. I said it was my pleasure. So, him being a chef at a restaurant, invited me and my wife for a dinner at their place soon. Thats how interesting relationships start, not by lying or being a know-it-all.
  2. Its been a while since I went online to this forum. So I'll have you know I adjusted the float in the fuelbowl and now I can push the pedal to the metal without any hesitation. That is when he is warm enough. I will look into the petronics ignition module for sure. Thanks for the advice! Some friend of mine also bought a mustang so we wil be grouping our purchases and ship them overseas.
  3. It's been a while since I've been here but I had to get this of my chest. I've been a proud 1972 Mustang Fastback 250ci 6cyl for about 3 years now. I live in Beernem Belgium Europe, so as it is my daily driver, I see a lot of jaw-dropping and pointing in the streets. I don't know how it is in the states, but when people talk to me about the Mustang, not owning one themselves, most of them act like the know a lot about it. I always find this kind of strange, because I don't encourage them in doing so. Some of them even talk about owning one themselves but I know when they are lying almost after one question. I don't pretend to know everything about them, but in this three years, and some years prior owning my car, I have done a lot of research about classic Mustangs, so I figure, if you don't know anything about it why pretending you do to someone who owns one??? It amazes me every time. So I had to share some of the best baloney I've heard in those three years. All happend for real and by different persons. Here they come. A=me B=other person. B: "I owned one myself back in the days" A: "Cool, what model was it" B: "1958" A: "I bet it was an unique piece" (walks away) _ B (not knowing I had a mustang)= "I own a 1973 mustang" A: "Cool what engine does it have?" B: "A V8" A: "Nice, what size of V8" B: "euh... 3.5 liter" A: "Strange, my 6 cylinder has 4.1 liter..." B: "yeah, but Mustangs have different engines" A= (Facepalm) _ B: "Is it a Mach 1 or a Mach 2? A: "Just a fastback" B: "No man, its definitely a Mach 2, you should look it up." _ B: "Nice car, I had one some time ago" A: "Cool, what model was it" B: "oh, it was the one from 1972" A: "What a coincidence, as is this one! B: (turns around and walks away) _ B: (A salesman) "Nice Mustang you have there on your driveway. A: "thanks!" B: "I've had an earlier model myself back in the days" A: "that's cool, what model" B: "a 1982 Hemi" A: "Interesting..." (didn't buy anything just because he lied about that) _ B: "A V6?" A: "No a straight 6" B: "They got you by the balls man, thats not an original engine then. They only sold them with V engines" A: "If you say so" _ B: "Man, that car isn't a Mustang man, a real Mustang has a V8" A: "Is that so? So I assume you drive a V8 Mustang?" B: "No" A: "So How do you know then how one feels like?" _ Those were the most akward conversations I had about Mustangs. Sometimes I think I must be looking stupid or something. I had a lot of passionate conversations with real ex-owners too, you can feel the energy when they talk about it. Also a lot of people just appreciating the car and giving the thumbs up, or asking questions. I don't brag about my car, I really don't, so I really really hate it when people try to belittle me with lies. Anyone can relate to this, or am I really looking stupid? :)
  4. Send me a photo of your damage. I can cut out what you need. -Kurt I don't know if it's worth to cut up the entire radiator support. Maybe there is someone who really needs the entire piece? Anyhow, here are some pics of the rusted crossmember (I don't know if its the right word either). I thought about ordering an entire new radiator support but i guess that might be overdoing it since there are other issues to be taken care of. The bottom of driver side is rusted through and I guess passenger side is beyond the point of brushing and painting.
  5. Hey, i could use the radiator support with crossmember as mine is rotted out on the bottom left and right and needs replacement. Only problem is, i live in Belgium Europe.
  6. I don't have the same issues, sorry if i wasn't too clear on that (Me being Belgian and all) :). The settings are the same. It works fine now except for the hesitation and powerloss under load. I will check vacuum issues for sure now. Thanks
  7. The fuel lines have been replaced 2 years ago. The fuel pump and filter have been replaced a few months ago when I thought that would fix that first problem I had with the first carburetor. I am not sure about the fuel tank if its ok or not. I have done a bit more tweeking this afternoon with the idle-screw and the fuel mixture screw. I believe it idles really smooth right now with a nice steady 6cyl pur, but I don't know if the mixture is good though, the mixture screw is almost completely out of the carb. I have read it should be the other way around? (I could be mistaking, it is now as it was like with the previous carb and the spark plugs seemed to be ok after 2 years) The popping has been reduced a lot too. But There is still the hesitation under load and when I maintain speed. Maybe I should indeed check vacuum and timing. When I removed the old carb there were 2 gaskets on top of each other. So I did the same, but is that the right way? Good tip on the Ignition, I will put it on my to do list. It is hard to find easy install improvements for the 250. Most improvements would cost me a lot since I need to ship it to Europe. I looked for an aftermarket 2V carb. But that meant a bigger investment, a manual choke and adjusting the throttle arm and cables and more room for error. Since its my daily driver I need to be sure it works properly.
  8. Hey, It's been a while since I've posted something. I had some issues with my carburetor on my 1972 250ci fastback. He really hesitated a lot when accelerating and almost no throttle response. It was a bit like driving an old tractor. I really had to balance the clutch to drive it somewhat smoothly. My mechanic stated it was the carburetor that was worn out someplace. (when I pulled him of I heard a rattling sound in the choke control) I looked a lot on Ebay to find an identical carburetor (Carter RBS) and repair kit for the old one. (Since I live in Belgium, sending this overseas costs quite a lot.) When it came I pulled the old one of and replaced him with the new one. (the thread on the fuel line connection was worn, so it wasn't a "never been used" like the stated). But it worked like a charm! He started right away. The throttle response was immediate and so light, I was happy as a child. I thought i could tweak it a bit better to get a 100% smooth ride and idle with the mixture screws. But I couldn't seem to get it right. So I remembered I forgot to adjust the float prior to installing the carb. I thought the fuel bowl was a bit too full. So I checked the old carb and adjusted the new one like the old one (the float in the new carb was set about 1,5mm higher than the old one). But it didn't make any difference. So when I drive it now the throttle response is awesome but I can feel that he hesitates while accelerating and maintaining speed. And when I brake on the engine, I hear popping from the exhaust (sounds great but I know it isn't supposed to be like that, so I think he is running rich). When idling he runs a bit rough. Where the old carb did run a smooth idle. I hope I've been clear with my explanation since english isn't my native language. Would there be things I should try before pulling it of again? I'm a bit afraid that worn thread will become useless. All other systems were checked by a classic mustang mechanic locally.
  9. I found a 80s movie ticket and a picture of the car i think from mid 90s.
  10. I can believe you are a very proud father. My eldest kid who is 3 is also crazy about the Mustang. He gets overexcited when I tell him we will go for a ride. "Papa Moestang vroooom vroooom!" I hope I can pass him on the passion for cars and gasoline!
  11. I've been running a small business for a while now, corporate identity, webdesign, communication, brand development,.... I made a vintage design for the hood of my Mustang because I wanted it to fit the Mustang and be representative for the era it was born in. Also I wanted it to be a friendly intended kick in the n*** for potential clients. I wrapped the hood dull-black and printed the design on shiny UV-proof material and placed it on a chrome base. I don't know if the picture show the chrome effect that well. But, in my opinion it turned out awesome. Just to let you know, it can be removed quite easily without damaging the paint. Wether or not it will result in more clients, i do not care, it was fun to do.
  12. Hey, those magnum wheels look very nice on your mustang. Are the front wheels and tires different than the back? I'm looking for the same look on mine. Mine has some modern wheels and it really doesn't look right at all. I've been thinking a 15x7 with 225/60/15 in front and 15x8 with 255/60/15 in the back. Can you tell me what your set-up is?
  13. Man it is awesome to see original pictures of the owners with their new mustangs back in the days. Really shows the love they got for the mustang! This is me with my kids on my youngest first birthday. My mother in law had put them on the mustang because she tought it was cute. When I came outside I was not amused! Haha. But it gave some heartwarming pictures. The day after my oldest was climbing the hood, It needed some time to explain it was a one time event. Sorry for the turned pic. It stands correct on my device. :s
  14. Great! I ordered myself the same set-up today before i read this post. It comforts me as I didn't really want to replace the existing set-up, but one retractor belt was damaged beyond repair when I removed the interior. This set-up, i believe, still has that old feel to it.
  15. Hey welcome from Belgium. Mine is more like a 35 footer. After 2 years i found some poor repairwork but beautifully hidden. Now i give it the attention it needs and make repairs that last. I am dissapoited though the previous owner wasn't honest about it and didn't show me the points that needed attention, maybe it could have saved a lot of work and worries. Have fun working on your mustang! Like some smart person said once, the journey is as important as the destination. ( or something like that)
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