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    73 mach I, 351C, FMX, Meadow Gold, I want to make it a daily driver, fully intacted.


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    Gulf shores Aabama

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  1. Thanks I will as soon as i can and thanks I hear ya, and thanks.
  2. I just want to say hello to everyone and introduce my little girl. She is a 73 Mach I, h code, Automatic, C6 color( meadow gold).I got her to refurbish and make into a daily driver. I have taken off the fenders to check for rust and removed the taillight panel, trunk lid, trunk pan, and right front inner fender and battery stand. The interior is shot will have to replace it. I have been scrubbing, sanding, grinding and cutting rust since day one. I found out that my engine is not a 351 but at least 429 or 460, barely fits in the engine bay. Is it a good thing or a bad thing to have a 429?
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