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  1. Hello Fellow Enthusiasts; Looking for a Rear Window Defroster Switch/Knob for a 1973 Mach 1. due to the poor location of the switch stem/knob, it is very often damaged by driver's leg during entry/exit...THANKS!...Mark
  2. That Boss is Soooooooo RUSTY!!!.....you would lose 1/2 the car trailering it home & that's IF....you weren't going far!!!...Mark
  3. Hello Judge; Thanks for clarifying the condition in the photo & commenting on their current condition. I'll step-up to the plate & accept your full asking price. plus paying the $15.00 shipping for a total of $140.00, if you agree to sell me the two finest condition receivers. Please let me know you thoughts...Mark
  4. Hello Judge; Are you referring to the "4" receivers that you showed a photograph of on post 20? If so, in your opinion are those to be considered as you stated " concourse ready" as in the photographs they appear to be dirty & in need of cleaning. NOT looking to denigrate your receivers, just want to clarify your definition of "Concourse Ready"...Thanks!...Mark
  5. Appreciate the offer, have chosen to pass...Mark
  6. Hello Judge; There goes the kid's college fund. would you consider $125.00 with shipping included?...Thanks!, Mark
  7. Hello Judge; Winner!, Winner!!...Chicken Dinner!!!....those are "it" Would you entertain the possibility of selling "1" or "2"? I definitely need "1" to complete the restoration & would like an additional receiver as a back up. Please let me know your thoughts. I have something you might consider in trade. I have a few of the "unobtainable" Robert Shaw 333-192 thermostats specially designed for 351 Clevelands....Thanks!, Mark
  8. Hello Paul; EXACTLY what I have been informed/told!!!...in regards to " 1 year ONLY part"!!! On aside note Paul...Do you fish for sturgeon at the Mothball Fleet??!!...Mark The "receiver" is the exact same style as Eddy posted, difference is mine has a plastic sleeve covering the entire length of the strap. i will try & post a picture ( I'm the equivalent of a second grader when it comes to the computer) will have my girlfriend help...Mark I know what you mean now. My belts have the whole length plastic parts. Mine have the same sleeve however it is not the deluxe buckle, it is similar to what Eddy posted. They have the black plastic around the pushbutton that crack with age and then the innards fall out. EXACTLY...The black plastic sleeve, EXCEPT!, with the black metal surround receiver with the silver/chrome center...Mark
  9. Hello jbobo; I like this style as the seat belt receiver having the plastic sleeve, positions the receiver for immediate accessibility, NO digging around for it between the seat & transmission tunnel as is often the case with the other style ( non plastic sleeved receiver). Now just NEED to FIND "1"!...Mark
  10. What you are describing sounds like what Eddy posted. Do you have a picture of the original buckle? The "receiver" is the exact same style as Eddy posted, difference is mine has a plastic sleeve covering the entire length of the strap. i will try & post a picture ( I'm the equivalent of a second grader when it comes to the computer) will have my girlfriend help...Mark
  11. Hello Judge; Just checked the car/seat belt receiver, & it is the black plastic surround with the silver ( sun burst pattern) middle push button. I should have been more exact prior to posting the link I attached as it does not represent the "exact" type/style I have. If the buckle in the link was a black surround with the silver sunburst pattern center push button, then it would represent what I have/am looking for...Appreciate your time & input...THANKS!!!...Mark
  12. Hello Eddy; No, this is the style...Mark http://images.cjponyparts.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/9df78eab33525d08d6e5fb8d27136e95/s/b/sbr6-v.jpg
  13. Well here's the "Update"...phoned & talked to the gentlemen at python restoration, VERY NICE GUY!!...informed me that the infamous 1973 Mach 1 "Exploding Seat Belt" was a 1 year only application due to it's inferior design. So I'm looking for a "1" year only seat belt that's CRAPPY!!!...Mark
  14. THANK YOU!!!...for the lead, looks promising...Mark
  15. This reminds me of various Ferrari parts, as there is quite a cross over/interchange parts inventory. As an example a Ferrari Testarossa uses the EXACT same fuel injectors as a Volkswagen Rabbit ( $45.00 apiece) Ferrari Testarossa fuel injector ( $105.00) & you NEED 12!!!...Mark
  16. Hello jbojo; This may sound "Strange" to some, but I prefer to keep as much of the car's parts as it came from the factory, meaning I believe the car/s have a "Soul" & would rather spend the extra time & effort chiseling/grinding off the old riveted ball joint & just replacing the old ball joint, then replacing with NEW upper & lower arms & ball joints...Mark Here's a couple of different views from my '71 Shop Manual and one from the 2014 NPD catalog, page 87. Hello Don & Thanks for the photos & information. I ordered the CD-Rom that Jeff recommended...Mark
  17. THANKS Jeff; Going to have to purchase a copy!...Got FRUSTRATED with my Google search attempts... Check your PMs...Christmas may have come early!!!...Mark
  18. THANKS Jeff!!!...MUCH Appreciated!!!...Do you have a link to the website you copied the information from?!...Mark
  19. I have a few sets but I'm in California. Be Patience & check craigslist & eBay. I usually get sets for $250.00...Mark
  20. Hello Fellow Enthusiasts. Looking to rebuild the front suspension of my 1973 Mach 1. Can someone PLEASE direct me to a diagram or cut-a-way showing a break down of the front suspension parts. I need to order ALL the replacement upper/lower ball joint, bushings, tie rod ends, etc, etc. Would like to visually SEE a front suspension cut-a-way/diagram to make sure my parts list is complete!. Tried Googling 1973 Mustang Mach 1 front suspension diagram/cut-a-way with NO success...& Kinda PISSED about it!!!...10 BILLION Porno websites & NOT 1 DAMN suspension diagram!!!.... Well it guess it's time to look at some Japanese porn & rub one out!!!...Mark
  21. There are ALLOT of High End Expensive Exotic Sports Cars ( Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Maserati, McLaren, etc,etc,) that use Drilled rotors/discs, if "cracking" was a problem, then their wide spread usage would be discontinued...Mark
  22. Hello Fellow Enthusiasts; Looking for a black plastic sleeved seat belt for a 1973 Mach 1. It is the seat belt section that attaches to the transmission tunnel. I believe it called "Receiver Type". Part is approx 14 inches long. Driver & Passenger sides are interchangeable. Thanks!, Mark
  23. Hello Judge; Very much appreciate your input. On "1" hand I need a chisel or grinder. on the other hand I have upgraded zerk fittings...Thanks!, Mark
  24. Hello Fellow Enthusiasts; Diagnosed the "CLUNK" in my front end of my 1973 Mach 1 as a BAD upper ball joint. Went to determine if it is a "3" or "4" bolt upper ball joint, it was NEITHER!!!...it's 3 mushroomed rivets!!!...DIFFICULT to get a socket on a mushroom rivet!!! Have others encountered the dreaded "Mushroom Rivets"??!! Time to get out the grinder. My Question is...Will the rivet pattern match up to a NEW 3 BOLT upper ball joint?! Was PLEASED to find my upper pivot arm had a zerk fitting on either end. Are the zerk fittings factory or aftermarket drilled?! ...THANKS!!!
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