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  1. thanks for putting time and effort into + sharing.
  2. they look close enough. I'll need to get some at some point, shipping to UK is just getting silly. I need to make a trip out to the US and do some serious shopping once we get back to normality....
  3. anyone got a side by side view to compare original with these ones? wondering why AMK would only make the Chrysler variants, and not the Ford ones...
  4. embarassing or what hey. and to think I was one a Project Manager. let's call it scope creep ;) I now plan to have it completed by summer... (drum roll...) 2022, in time for the car's fiftieth anniversary. Talking of which, it's the 50th anniversary of the 1971-73 Mustang this year. anything planned ?
  5. today, my goal was to completely remove the dash and every component connected to the inner and outer firewall so I could rust treat and prime and get easier access for passenger floorpan replacement. Also to remove the wiring loom through firewall grommet needed to remove green connector to fuse box junction. followed instructions kindly provided on this forum. First up was to disconnect the dash mounting bolts leaving a few cables and wires that I had to individually disconnect. Took a ton of pics. Had a bit of help from the brother in law, these jobs. can be tricky if you don't have a third hand. thankfully didn't manage to break anything. Here are some pics for your delectation. Had to remove driver side vent housing to feed wiring loom through firewall. Continued to remove every component, ancillary, back to the firewall. (Will need to remove a ton of surface rust and then decide on plating or painting options) Phew.... the cowl survived. loads of surface rust. lots of work over the next week. the cowl foam/sponge sealing edge is salvagable but will replace. anyone know where I can get this.... Factory sealant everywhere..... Well here it is..... all ready for rust treatment and primer. (You know, with hindsight, this should have been one of my first tasks, would have made a lot of other work easier to do. hey ho you live and learn) It looks bad, but it really is surface rust. and leftover sealer and that firewall sound deadener/insulation left over fluff.....
  6. yes I got the battery support panel. Just waiting on another panel before I fit everything together and weld it back in. I'm going to do all the alignment when car goes to paint shop in the summer. I won't have the engine in but suspension, wheels, tank and diff will be back on to give some weight on all 4 corners. Hopefully will give a sense of the misalignment. To be honest I've parked the alignment issues it for a little while so I can get on with other stuff but it will need to get addressed at some point.
  7. it's getting a little cold in the garage these days and progress has been slow.... prepped the inner wing rear section, removed all the horrible rust-hiding rubberised underseal, used heat gun followed by rubbing down with white spirit coated contour sanding pads to get back to shiny metal. took a while but got there.... you can see where the fender damage hit the lower section and was straigtened out. I'm leaving that section as is as it isn't visible and is a battle scar so deserves to live..... painted with red oxide primer. the runs dried out and aren't visible. should keep rust as bay till paint job later in the year. You may also have spotted the lashings of seam sealant I've been using on the seams on the inner wings. I'm starting to rethink my strategy on applying this. Seeing all the rust hidden behind the factory sealant I've now joined the school of thought that it is a harbinger of rust and not the protector it claims to be. Will be more selective where I seam seal in future.... the toil continues.... :) other stuff I did but not photo'd. removed steering column. Want to take out dash and wiring loom next so firewall is clear for all sanding down and rust proofing then back to measuring frames to figure out the misalignment in engine bay. lots of fun...
  8. talking of neighbours, I have to hand sand most bodywork and stuff most of the time as my neighbours constantly complain if I use any electric sanders or compressors. Ordinarily I would have just got on with it, but given most folks are prisoners of their own homes during covid, I'll cut them some slack.... doesn't do my hands any good mind... anyway, back to your paint job, I think it looks mighty fine in that colour. Wait till it's finished...!
  9. some serious progress happening there, appreciate all the hard effort and progress you're making, one step at a time....
  10. it does look right, on the doors in particular, but very difficult to be definitive due to the bright exterior sunlight in the pics
  11. ok I will definitely put it back in. I'll send you a PM, would be good to get some pics of the part and show you the one i have on the passenger side so I might be able to fabricate by copying that. I'll PM Bentworker now :)
  12. hi Fabrice, that ugly rusty too short panel you referred to above, do you know if its repopped anywhere? i am missing it on my driver side so whoever previously replaced apron didn't fabricate a replacement reinforcement panel. I can't say I blame them it doesn't look like it adds any support, well certainly the one on the passenger side feels like it's just not supporting the apron. Else I will need to fabricate a mirror image of the passenger side version. PS - I just got my battery apron support panel in the post from Dan, thanks Dan !
  13. yep, its more creamy than traditional white. I'll be repainting mine at some point and I'll being going for the original wimbledon white, the respray that's on the car in my profile pic is a little on the "full fat" milk creamy side, but I'd hope the original was more low fat/semi-skimmed" variety....
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