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  1. some serious progress happening there, appreciate all the hard effort and progress you're making, one step at a time....
  2. it does look right, on the doors in particular, but very difficult to be definitive due to the bright exterior sunlight in the pics
  3. ok I will definitely put it back in. I'll send you a PM, would be good to get some pics of the part and show you the one i have on the passenger side so I might be able to fabricate by copying that. I'll PM Bentworker now :)
  4. hi Fabrice, that ugly rusty too short panel you referred to above, do you know if its repopped anywhere? i am missing it on my driver side so whoever previously replaced apron didn't fabricate a replacement reinforcement panel. I can't say I blame them it doesn't look like it adds any support, well certainly the one on the passenger side feels like it's just not supporting the apron. Else I will need to fabricate a mirror image of the passenger side version. PS - I just got my battery apron support panel in the post from Dan, thanks Dan !
  5. yep, its more creamy than traditional white. I'll be repainting mine at some point and I'll being going for the original wimbledon white, the respray that's on the car in my profile pic is a little on the "full fat" milk creamy side, but I'd hope the original was more low fat/semi-skimmed" variety....
  6. great job, coming along real nice, that colour pops!
  7. very interesting read, learned tons.... I have the original USS (United States Steel?) branded fuel tank and bought a replacement from CJP just in case. When I get to reinstallation will inspect original and would prefer to keep if clean inside, has some rust spots outside but was surprisingly clean after 45 odd years. will replace the fuel lines and sender though.... PS - just seen that you can buy the USS logo stencil for replacement tank to give the original factory look.... the things people will go to to keep the original look.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1972-USS-Unite
  8. great work Fabrice, I'll be moving onto the cowl area soon, so looking forward to some hand scratching followed by a lot of yelping...
  9. thanks both. this will be a great starting point for my investigation.
  10. hi David do you still have these measurements, I dont see the attachment ? I have some mis-alignment on my front chassis area that I am trying to get to the root cause of. It seems to emanate in the rear crossmember, front crossmember and radiator support gaps. thanks.
  11. Dan just emailed me back. They are the same parts for Mustangs and Cougars... and he does still produce these, its $30 shipped i.e. the $30 includes US shipping, payment via paypal. Unfortunately I had to pay $60 for international shipping :( hey ho, at least hopefully I can progress with the battery apron installation. His email address is in the link provided (maybe he doesn't do EBay after all. Can't say I blame him, but as I'm not on Facebook or other social media I have no choice, other than this forum :) Back to you Fabrice... (sorry for temp hijack of thread :))
  12. this guy appears to sell them for 70-71 Torinos, pic looks the same as the one Fabrice posted. I'll message him to confirm. http://clubs.hemmings.com/cyclonemontegotorinoregistry/parts.html
  13. yes, that's the one Fabrice, thanks, I'll keep an eye out for one rather than fabricate it. My original panel had a piece welded in for the support section so they probably took out the original rusted panel. But as I'm trying to go with all original look i will look search for the repro part :)
  14. thanks, I've taken some preliminary measurements, and observed 2 cm difference between the centre cross member panels, left side looks about 2cm shorter which corresponds with side view pic which shows a deformation in the panel. what to do ? I'm thinking to finish the engine painting and get car back on wheels before arranging some kind of jig work to straighten as it will be level on the ground then. thoughts? See bottom left of next pic, you can see alignment issues. Whilst procrastinating on the alignment issues, i prepped the battery apron surround and trial fitt
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