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  1. awesome read from a lot of people with a lot of knowledge thanks guys! Im running a 73 Q code that I had rebuilt here in OZ as a 393 stroker the engine builder so wanted to go to CHI 3V heads but I had to explain its a fkn Q code it has to have 4V heads we ended up with a 393 solid flat cammed CHI 4V headed cleveland that revs its balls out and gets there quick I really love this engine great read thanks guys long live the 4V cleveland
  2. Hi All mainly for the Aussie guys on here but feel free to put your own opinions so Im looking at selling my 73 Mach 1 Q code and want to know from the Aussie guys where I should advertise it and whats its worth Q code with 4spd 70 000 miles 2 owners in USA before i bought it original block etc but have just had it built as 393 stroker CHI heads solid cam roller rockers msd dizzy etc 780 holley ram air all the best gear built by PLR engines in Brisbane just done about 300 miles since build not dynoed but its up around the 500hp mark no problems very fast paint is excellent from 20 feet away looks killer but has usual stone chips and some imperfections New twin 3 inch exhaust and headers American racing wheels torque thrust i think interior is good i rip on side of drivers seat so any ideas of where i should advertise it and ball park figure of what its worth I have reciepts for motor and heads about 14 grand marti report ps I really love this car and it almost kills me to part with her but it cant be helped thanks guys Dave
  3. thanks Luke and my mate Lars i just checked out the pro systems stuff and it looks good i may go E85 as its on tap a mile down the road but i need to look more into that as for HP its at least punching out 500plus but thats easy to say without it being dynoed ive driven and lots of good cars in my nearly 50 years (far out man im old) but this thing blows me away every time i drive it great engine built by PLR engines those CHI heads flow great and the stroker kit etc and 10.7 ;1 comp but i think its real power is topped off by the custom solid cam that CROW CAMS did it just has heaps of torque down low then when it hits 3500rpm it takes off like a missile to 6600 when the limiter kicks in and it starts to run out of fuel (hence the bigger carb needed) id love to go for a funnel web high rise or similar but that means cutting a hole in the hood and losing the ram air but i think it would look awesome with a big double pumper sitting up in front of you as you race down the road mmmmmmm
  4. awesome aussie cars thanks for the share
  5. thanks Lars it still needs some tuning needs bigger carb running 780 holley but will fit and 850 dp after xmas and bigger fuel lines and electric fuel pump then i can dyno it then we ll see what it s putting out im really impressed with the cam in it as it idles nice and sharp and lumpy and then the engine rev s its nuts off as you can see Dave tommy
  6. no dyno yet but i put it on youtube yesterday thats the rev limiter kicking in at 6600 and no traction in first or 2nd dave
  7. thanks Lars ive got a video we did the other day im just trying to work out how to put it on here do i need to put it on youtube first so i can get it on here ?
  8. that makes sence with the different engine mounts
  9. i dont think they sit in there tight from factory obviously the rubber is making contact with the flange and compressing a bit but your welcome to come over and see for your self hahaha and scat stroker kit solid cam CHI 4V heads plus all the arp bolts studs etc torker 2 was machined so as to fit with the ram air hooker headers twin 3inch exhaust mmm i think thats it i stand corrected just went and messured the old spacer plate it is 16mm about two thirds of an inch
  10. I know i went through heaps of sites etc to see if the MSD dizzy 8577 would fit with the ram air any way mine does with scott cook intake (same height as stock intake) and 1 inch spacer under the carb and this is it now with the 393 stroker going in
  11. Are your shocks staggered? I have a good exhaust builder buddy if I can ever catch up with him. not staggered
  12. jeff im running 3 inch on mine its a 393 with a big solid flat cam cHi heads and 11 to 1 comp my mate and exhaust mechanic wizz built it in an afternoon hooked up to my hooker headers it sounds awesome and goes like a missile he said it was no big deal to build unfortunatley for you he is here in oz i ll get a vid with sound up later this week totally recommend 3 inch its killer
  13. Welcome from Noosa Queensland oz
  14. Sorry man but Ram Air not factory on 73 Q code only H code look it up Dave
  15. My report lists the console but no mention of the clock unless its part of the convenience group or interior décor group. No mention of the Ram Air hood either. EDIT: Just found out that the clock came with the console. Instrumentation Group included in the Sports Interior Option (also available with any V-8 equipped Mustang) includes a tachometer, trip odometer and triple pod oil pressure / water temperature / ammeter gauges. my 73 Q lists console , interior decor group and remeber the 73 Q code was not available with Ram Air but mine has it too and I ve since found out it was Dealer fitted after delivery
  16. Im with Kurt after mucking around with my 73 Q i ended getting rid of all that rubbish and the car runs way better and still looks killer I ve kept the original look with air cleaner assembly and standard rocker covers but upgraded intake and carb
  17. ah rubbish all of it, bloody euro trash will brake down and cost you a fortune we have the best cars already !
  18. Scott Cook Engineering dual plane alloy intake has stock look and markings but excellent performance just have to paint it blue not cheap though they are about $750 made here in OZ I ve even got a barely used one for sale i was going for the stock look intake as well but i am going single plane with the new solid roller re build.
  19. I'd go back 25 years and buy that XA GT RPO83 2 door for 6 grand ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!
  20. me too I cant believe how unloved one of the best muscle cars ever made is!!!!
  21. see thats why I love this site thanks guys! Hood off it is I shall give a better detailed engine build report when its all back in in a month or so thanks again Dave
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