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  1. Gosh looks like you spent all the money just need time to put it all in shape and together. I guess you have none of the original Q engine or the C-6? A Mustang in a box just add labor and love.


    I have a few original 351 parts but the engine was seised with 5 cylinders needing to be beat out with a 3lb. hammer and 2x4. The cheapest I could find to rework the block was $450 with sleeves so I had to can the option of bringing it back to stock. It needs interior, a top, and radiator.

  2. I want to pray for the city but my heart is angry and I don't feel comfortable taking an angry heart to God in prayer. On the other hand, I guess that is the best time to pray.

    The thing that keeps sticking in my mind is that if these people that loot, burn, and break the law cared about anything but themselves (such as family, community, God) they would have a job to wake up for or be pounding the streets looking for one and wouldn't be up all night breaking the law and harming others in the first place.

    If these people prayed, they wouldn't feel as if they were entitled to take, destroy, and hate. Either way, we will continue to pay for it. We will pay to feed them in prison. We will pay to feed their children while they are there. Or, if they aren't arrested, we will continue to feed them and diaper their offspring while they use their ill-gotten gains to support their beer, weed, and cigarette habit.

    The protesting is nothing more than an opportunity for them to get their Christmas shopping done early and at no cost to themselves.

  3. Over the past couple of days it seems to be going back to running poorly. Vacuum is a little lower and a little more unsteady.


    Will, I'm sorry you are still having problems. Are you running a dual vac distributor? Do you have a thermostatic vacuum tree? If not, how old is your distributor? My assumption is that you are using Mallory's 'under the cap' Unilite system and not the full distributor.

    thanks, Marc

    Is that a vacuum advance line disconnected?

    pic http://www.7173mustangs.com/xthreads_attach.php/942_1309806224_e35e57c6/e661eab08d11313913bbee705ba2b9ca/mi1.JPG

    look right above Ford Motorsports on the valve cover.


    I'm sorry if you were confused and felt insulted - nothing in my post was pointed in your direction. Please let me know where you saw that.



    "pretty obvious they missed..." This means more than one person missed. Piper and I were the only ones to comment after the problem was corrected.


    I just noticed that you were a moderator so your post makes more sense now. I'm no longer confused. Feeling insulted comes with comments like "Oh the Irony." This insinuates that, once again, I didn't read the posts. No further comments on this end. I understand you better now.


    Not to be a turd, and we've all been guilty of it before, but this is a good example of why it's important to read the whole thread before posting. ;) :D


    Piper62j has a lot of good information to share (seriously - good stuff, Man!), but it's pretty obvious they missed the part where will e solved the issue by cleaning/adjusting the Uni-Lite ignition module/distributor rotor.


    Anyhoo - just a friendly reminder to get the whole story if you can - and don't forget to present this post to me the next time I do it as well. rofl


    Mister 4x4,


    I read every word. I even stated, "I consider all of the given advice valuable." I'm not quite sure how my comment became a "good example of why it's important to read the whole thread before posting."


    The reason I posted what I did is because I felt that the advice given, though sound, was given in a manner that a novice reading this thread would be confused. I simply wanted to categorize the process into bold-print, troubleshooting, language. I guess it's the teacher in me.


    I agree that Piper has great information and stated that it was valuable.

    In addition, I'm not quite sure how posting what I did meant that I "pretty obviously missed" that problem was resolved. I'm confused and feel a bit insulted. It seems that I struck a nerve and would like to know the real reason you posted what you did. Did I come across insulting or disrespectful?

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