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  1. I would have some interest in the template, too. That is pretty close to what I have been considering for my 73. Mark, if you are willing to send the template, or if anyone else has it, please PM me here or send to woolznaz@yahoo.com. mbsr, if you get anywhere with this, please let us know.
  2. Interesting timing on this thread. I just changed mine last week and there was hardly any oil at all in the Wix filter I was using. I thought that was very odd, but didn't give it much thought until this thread. Like Will e, I don't put many miles on the car and was changing it due to age/time rather than miles.
  3. Luke, that's good to hear. It seems like we (the U.S.) are way behind the curve on using small diesels. I really hope that changes soon.
  4. If they make it with a small diesel, they would sell a couple bajillion of them. That's a lot for those of you who are not into made up math!
  5. Bumping this up. There are some great looking cars! If you have not voted. Take a look!
  6. Great story. Here is a question, though. If she had it insured when it got stolen in the '80's, doesn't the car now belong to the insurance company who would have paid her off? I wonder how that works after 3 decades. Does anyone know?
  7. TxBoss23, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to come back to the thread the report what fixed it. That "closes the loop" and makes the thread so much more informative for others who may have a similar problem. Taking that step makes forums like this exponentially more valuable to the other members. Thanks!
  8. Nice to see yet another member from AZ. Welcome!
  9. I love that car. Thanks for the pictures. Grass, pavement, it makes no difference to me, that is one good looking car!
  10. Like many, I share your disgust. I would say our current leadership goes so far as to encourage this behavior. They stoke the flames. It is disgraceful.
  11. It is indeed a sad, sad thing to watch even from a distance. BTW, I think you meant to title your thread as "Pray" for my city, not "Pay" for my city. In reality, though, we'll be doing both.
  12. Reviving this older thread for two reasons. First, by using the search function it kept me from asking where to get the tubing that runs from the canister to the air cleaner. So, thanks for the links to the hose. Secondly, it brings up the following questions: 1) Does anyone know where one can buy the fitting that should be (but is long gone) on my air cleaner that accepts this tubing? 2) If not, would anyone have a picture of the fitting so I could see what it is I am looking for? Thanks!
  13. Amazing! Thanks for the pictures. That makes me either want to go home and work on mine, or just give up, go home, and light it on fire. I'm not sure which!
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