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  1. I got it in the mail today. Has anyone seen any new parts in the catalog? I am going to try see what new when I get some time. John J
  2. I didn't have any problem dealing with them. But it does say on their web site that they are having Covid delays. Must be short of staff. John J
  3. Not sure what state you are in but NPD sell the breaker and so do other vendors. https://www.npdlink.com/product/circuit-breaker-20-amp/102057/200332?year=1973 If you still need a photo of the location let me know and I well take one. I have a 73 vert John J
  4. Here where I bought mine from in case you cant find the right material to custom make them. They make stripe kits for 71/73 cars and a lot more. https://www.graphic-express.com/ford-motor-co/1964-78-mustang-restoration.html John J
  5. I am replacing the tank and pump. The hoses are dry rotted so I and replacing them too. I know you need some slack so you can open the hood. Not sure about the routing. The hose is just laying all over the place right now and I want to clean it up. Any one got a photo or is there a drawing somewhere? John J
  6. Here what I used. I took the cover of the repo regulator and put it on the Motorcraft electronic regulator. NPD sell them. Here is the link. https://www.npdlink.com/product/voltage-regulator-alternator/100810/200432?year=1973
  7. Sorry to hear about your accident. Burns are never fun to deal with. Get well quick. I have heard good things about that hospital. Since that the hospital is in Detroit they have some of the best ER doctors around. They have seen it all! John J
  8. What kind of clip did you use? I bought a set and they don't seen to want to stay on very well. John J
  9. Looks great. Good luck with the rebuild. John J
  10. I just had my Global West sub frame connectors put in. It made a big improvement on how the car handled. Even more than I thought. No more flexing.
  11. I live in Michigan and the NPD is 30 minutes from my house. I bought a ton of parts from them without any issues. I have had few items that I did not end up needing and they took them back with no problem. John J
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