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  1. Sorry to hear about your accident. Burns are never fun to deal with. Get well quick. I have heard good things about that hospital.  Since that the hospital is in  Detroit they have some of the best ER doctors around. They have seen it all!



    John J

  2. I live in Michigan and the NPD is 30 minutes from my house. I bought a ton of parts from them without any issues. I have had few items that I did not end up needing and they took them back with no problem.



    John J

  3. It all one piece. It is easy to replace the unit. Their a screw in bottom of the bezel that you will have to remove first NPD usually has them but they are out of stock. You should be able to find one on on eBay or CJs.




  4. The first shot was no big deal. My arm was sore for the day. The second shot was no big deal for the first 10 hours then hit me hard. I had the chills and very tired. I tool a sick day the next day and 24 hours later I was fine again. I never had a delayed reaction like that before. I got the moderna vaccine. No complaints  I am very happy to be vaccinated.

    John J







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