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  1. Wow sold today for 30,250.00 per the action site. John J
  2. Thanks for the feedback. Will I able be able to reach the starter with the car on jack stands. My car has 14 inch wheels on it and sits petty low. John J
  3. If you like Cougars check this one that Don Rush is selling at WCCC. Here the link to the video. John J
  4. I saw that car and it looks good for the price if it runs. I can't comment on the engine swap because I have never done one. But you don't see convertibles in that price range unless there parts cars. I bet you can get it cheaper than that with cash in hand. Good luck with the sale if you decide to buy it. John J
  5. Thanks for the info everyone. I changed them out today. I like the look. John J
  6. Been driving the car a lot since the weather changed with no issues. Today when I went to put it in the garage. I started it up and the starter made a loud clunk noise. I tried again and another clunk noise and then a lot of smoke. I disconnected the battery and the cable and battery where very warm. I have owned the car for 6 years and have replaced all the cables and the solenoid. Could it be anything thing else other they the starter??? Any recommendation for a inexpensive starter ? I was planning on having some upholstery work done so I need to keep this repair under control if possible. John J
  7. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  8. I got the white comfort weave today. It took forever to get here from Oregon. I ordered it on 3/29. They told me 2 weeks when I ordered it and it took 6 weeks. The fabric look great. I have the CW interior and I can"t wait to see what the seats are going to look like when there done. John J
  9. They look and sound great. John J
  10. The PO painted them red when the car was painted. I want to replace them. NPD sells stainless steel one which I don't think are correct. CJ has cadmium ones. Are those the correct bolts to use for replacement on a 73 vert ??? Just try to clean up under the hood. https://www.cjponyparts.com/cadmium-fender-bolts-12-1971-1973/p/HW676/ John J
  11. Here is there list. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/enthusiasts/11-of-the-coolest-ford-mustangs-ever-made/ss-AAw04xC?ocid=HPCDHP#image=12 John J
  12. Who make the best? Who make the best value. I know a lot of people like Snap On but they are pricy. There are other brands. I like S&K but I know there are other brands like Mac and Proto. Old Craftsmen's not bad until Sears sent it over to China to be made. John J
  13. If your ever in West Michigan check out the Gilmore Museum. They have over 400 cars and motorcycles to look at. I was there last weekend and they have awesome collection of cars. Here the link. https://www.gilmorecarmuseum.org/ John J
  14. I put 215/70R14 BF Goodrich Radial TAs on mine. I got them for 105.00 each 4 years ago. Not sure how wide you can go. John J
  15. I ordered the comfort weave and the white vinyl SMS. They told me 2 weeks ship time which make since because they are in Oregon. I will take a few photos once I receive the fabric. John J
  16. Map light goes in the dash right over the shifter. The clock goes into the console. There may be a blank plate covering the space if you car came with out one. John J
  17. I had an issues with them once. They put there own part numbers on each item. Someone had put the wrong NPD number on it. They did take it back with no problem. John J
  18. I bought one from NPD and had no problems with it. https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/mustang_booster_assy_new_replacement_style-103483-346.html John J
  19. Motorcraft for years. Never had an issue. John J
  20. Very nice car. Welcome from Michigan. The black paint looks awesome on the car. John J
  21. Wow that 35,000 more that I paid for my 73 Q code convertible. I never knew I got such a good deal. John J
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