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  1. Looks great John. I hope it works out for you. John J
  2. SMS told me over the phone that it would take 2 yards of white vinyl and 2 1/2 yard of comfort weave to the front bucket seats. I did not ask about the back seat because of the cost and mine is in good shape. John J
  3. Excellent let me know when your ready and I will ship my clock to you. John J
  4. Bob have you decided to do this? If so let me know because I would like to have mine rebuilt. John J
  5. SMS is the only vendor that sell the correct white comfort weave that matches the bucket seats on my 1973 convertible. The TMI comfort weave seat covers are not even close to matching the original. SMS want 179.00 a yard for the white comfort weave. Does any one know of any other vendor that might sell the white comfort weave by the yard? I want to have my front seats done but this is looking like a budget buster. Thanks John
  6. Very nice car. I hope it sells. I have the same interior in my 73 vert but yours look better. I am still trying to find someone to redo my front seats in Michigan. John J
  7. Yes, but A/C was relatively expensive-$365 in 1973- about 12% of the price of the car! The am/fm radio was no bargain at 191.01 either. John J
  8. Waiting for SPRING! If it ever stops snowing I might be able to get the car out for a ride. John J
  9. I picked this on up from Costco. The concrete in my garage is cracked badly and looks bad. The mat has a diamond tread surface and is not too slippery when wet. It was 149.00 at the Costco in MI. John J
  10. My 73 came with the tutone hood paint for an extra 34.00. The cost of the options back then where very cheap compared to today car option prices where everything is in a package. John J
  11. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  12. Wow those are really rare. I have not seen a Sprite in a while. Ever rarer then the Frank Cone specials John J
  13. Welcome from Michigan. I like red verts. John J
  14. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2017/12/26/mustang-cleveland-engines? John J
  15. This may help you figure it out. img20180125_22482215.pdfimg20180125_22482215.pdf
  16. Here where I got my exhaust system. It fits well and sounds good. They where good to deal with also. https://www.precisionexhaust.com/
  17. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  18. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  19. Happy New Year to everyone. I hope everyone has a healthy 2018. John J
  20. Nice vert. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  21. I have body side molding on my car. I few pieces are coming loose. What the best way to fix them? John J
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