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  1. I have part of one. What holds it in place? Is there a clip or is it pressed in the hole? John J
  2. Great car. Very cool that you where able to buy it again. John J
  3. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  4. I used these. They worked well. Here the link. https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/mustang_mounting_kit_scuff_plate_repair_screws-100127-316.html John J
  5. I think mine might be original. David would know better that I. Here is a photo.
  6. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  7. Went to pick up my car at the shop and it looked like it was 1973 at the Ford dealer. I can remember when the last time I saw an XR7. John J
  8. Nice car. Go to Introductions and tell us about your car. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  9. Looking good. It will be worth the wait. John J
  10. I didn't know that West Coast Cougar sold replacement mirrors. Check out the video on how to remove the old mirror. You send them the old one and they send you a replacement one that has been redone. Here the link. John J
  11. Plus 1 on Precision muffler kits. I order a whole system for my car. The price was not bad and it looks stock. They have the mufflers that bolt on the hangers. I have a duel exhaust on my 351 4V. here the link to the site. https://www.precisionexhaust.com/exhaust-product-details John J
  12. I would agree with you. My car has deluxe white comfort weave. I have never seen any seat covers that come close to matching. I need to have both of my front seats redone. John J
  13. Glad to have the site back up. Thanks for all the work you did to make it happen. John J
  14. Here a couple of mine in the shop. It spend a lot of time there. John J
  15. I have white panels too. I painted them with SEM paint and they came well.
  16. Exhaust shield and the heat riser hose. Anyone have a photo that show how it looks on a 351 4V. I want to see how it looked from the factory before I put mine on. John J
  17. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  18. The only thing special is the price. I hope they get the price. I always like to see red verts go for big bucks. John J
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