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  1. Welcome from Detroit. John J
  2. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I have not made a decision yet. Once I have them installed I will post some video of the results. John J
  3. Welcome from Michigan. Nice car. John J
  4. Wow that's way to young to go. My sincere condolences to everyone who knew him. John J
  5. Not sure if I am describing it right. The steering wheel will not come back to center when you release from a turn. Not sure what part as failed. I would like to fix it if the parts are available. John J
  6. I am looking for something louder to replace my stock mufflers. I have a 73 vert with a 351 4V. I still want to be able to hear the radio and I don't want my neighbors to hate me. So something moderate will work. Any recommendation's would be appreciated. John J
  7. Thanks for the info. I saw a mustang where someone added it and was not sure if it was factory correct. John J
  8. Marti auto works sell them. Not sure what size engine you have but here a link to what they have for a 351 cheveland. http://www.martiauto.com/itemselection.cfm?item=DVK-12&selecteditem=yes John J
  9. Mine is missing and I want to get it is as close to original as possible I looked at NPD and CJs. I was wondering what others have used. John J
  10. That's it. Wow not cheap. Mine is working but very rusty and is on borrowed time. Thanks for the link. John J
  11. Looking for a new one. Who sell them? John J
  12. Thanks for the feedback. I had Oval repair installed them and they had no issue with the booster or the master cylinder. Then painted them black so they do not standout. The performance of the brakes now is excellent. Now I am not happy that I was driving around with crap brakes all that time. Oval is a great shop to take a Mustang to. You know your at the right place when you see a 72 Mach one on the alignment rack. Here is a photo they posted on facebook of my car. John J
  13. Booster and master cylinder need to be replaced. I bought these at NPD are they any good??? https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/mustang_booster_assy_new_replacement_style-103483-346.html https://www.npdlink.com/store/products/mustang_master_cylinder_assy_correct_style-103669-344.html John J
  14. Picked up the bushings. Now looking for a drawing that shows the location and how the shifter comes apart. Thanks John J
  15. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  16. John, You have a very nice car! Love the red with black out hood and white interior/roof. Mine was also ordered by Ford Marketing in Pennsauken, NJ as a "Sales Vehicle". I wonder what the difference was between Ford Marketing ordering a "Special Propose Vehicle" and a "Sales Vehicle". I noticed that the DSO of 89 on yours designated "Transportation Services" where my DSO is 16 for Philly Sales District. They both end with a "K". Do you have the Eminger Invoice for yours? I would really like to compare the information on yours with mine. Rich Here you go. img001.pdf img002.pdf img003.pdf John J
  17. Mine was also ordered by Ford Marketing from Dearborn MI. It was special propose vehicle. It was built for some Ford executive and shipped the Ford garage on 17101 Rotunda Dr. Dearborn. John J
  18. Nice convertible. Nice options. Power windows are a nice option to have on a vert. John J
  19. Looking forward to see the finished product. John J
  20. I don't understand why can't they wash the car before they take some photos. Car covers are not that expensive either. I be a little worried about buying this car. I would question how it has been maintained in the past. I don't think having the original top is a plus either. I am not sure what is on the roof??? John J
  21. I have had a 1406 for a few years now and it was a huge improvement over the leaking 4300 D. It starts better in cold weather and has improved performance. John J
  22. We just had a bad wind storm where over a million people lost power. I was with out power for 24 hours. Glad I bought a generator a few years ago to keep the house warm. Today's fun is 4 inches of snow. Spring can't come soon enough. Its time for the cover to come off the mustang. John J
  23. Nice looking vert. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  24. Sounds great. We have the same problem here in Michigan. There still salt residue on the roads. John J
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