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  1. Nice find. Have some fun with it. Spring is around the corner. John J
  2. Welcome from Michigan. Post some photos of the car when you can. John J
  3. I want to replace the lug nuts on my 2007 Toyoda highlander. They are all rusty and the OEM replacement are pricy. I was wondering if the Gorilla brand lug nuts are any good? Summit sells them for 4.95 each. Thanks John J
  4. Is the top down switch illuminated? My head light switch is and the cigarette lighter light is too. I can't see a bulb or wiring for the top switch. Thanks John
  5. Check out this video by WCCC. He goes over all the seat belt types for all the years of Cougars and Mustangs. Here the link. https://video.search.yahoo.com/yhs/search?p=west+coast+classic+cougar&hspart=att&hsimp=yhs-att_001#id=73&vid=a8bacca01ebb4827d29b09afff7ef8b7&action=view John J
  6. Nice cars. Welcome from Michigan. John.
  7. I used it on the panels on the back of my front seats and they came out great. Nice product. John J
  8. +1 on stainless steel sill plates. Much better than the aluminum repos. John J
  9. I wonder where he lives in Oakland county? Nice car but I never seen it around my neiboirhood. I would have remember that car. John J
  10. I got my ACC carpet at rock auto. They have the best prices. Not a fan of Scott Drake parts but any thing I got that was made by Daniel Carpenter fit well. John J
  11. This is for the vert lovers out there. Nice car but not cheap. Here the link. http://inventory.vanguardmotorsales.com/vehicles/2328/1972-ford-mustang-convertible John J
  12. Nice Boss 351 for a nice price. Ok all you experts out there. What's wrong with this one? it looks good to me but I know I missed a few details. Here the link. http://inventory.vanguardmotorsales.com/vehicles/2336/1971-ford-mustang-boss-351 John J
  13. Nice car. I have the same color interior in my 73 vert. John J
  14. Nice car. Black is a great color on a mustang. John J
  15. Hi John, can I have a link to the stripe kit that you bought. Thanks :) I got it on eBay. Had it now for 3 years no issues. Here the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/1971-1972-1973-Ford-Mustang-Mach-1-Convertible-or-Coupe-Trunk-Stripe-Decal-Kit-/280863195512?hash=item4164c04178:m:m9KkEiuIel
  16. Welcome from Michigan. John J
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