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  1. On 11/8/2015 at 3:57 PM, John J said:

    I just bought a new Motorcraft MAX battery. So far no problems. Turns over my 351 Cleveland with no problems. 119.00 at the dealer. 700 CCA and a 3 year replacement warranty.



    John J

    Just a note . the battery failed in march of this year. So it lasted 5 years and 4 months. Not to bad for a car that gets driven about 2000 mile a year.



    John J

  2. The Firestone's are more period correct and classic...check out this post and pics from rackerm





    Do you know if the Firestone are any good ?  No one  in my area has them. Everyone has BF Goodrich or Copper because the are cheaper. I am looking at Firestone or Goodyear and would like to find out any pros or cons on both brands.



    John J

  3. I like the wide ovals Jeff. I check Coker web site and there not in stock at the moment. I think buy them next year if I am still employed. 

    To bad no one makes the Goodyear white letter tires anymore.



    John J

    The Goodyears are available from Lucas Tire I posted link in another reply. Coker pissed Goodyear off several years ago and they pulled all their tires from him except a couple really old ones. Lucas has any period correct tire for any mustang including the Blue Streak that came on Shelby and Cobra. They also have a new release of a radial that looks like the RWL Goodyear I also put link to that in the other post.

    Thanks David for the link. I missed it in the earlier  post. I was not familiar with Lucas tire. I will check them out.



  4. Just wonder what brand of tires would have came on my car in 73. It does not say on my window sticker other then  they where radial tires. I also was wondering if the white letter tires where radial tires or bias ply tires. Mustang by the numbers book said that 21,860 cars came with raised white letter tires in 1973. No mention of brands anywhere or type.



    John J

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