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  1. Does anyone Know where I can find production numbers for the 72 Mach 1? 

    I'm trying to find out how common my options were.

     4E bright Lime/ Medium green sports interior, etc.



    268 if I am reading the book right with that color and interior in 72. Black interior where the most common color with that paint color in 72.


    John J

  2. I bought white comfort weave from them a few years ago for my front seats. It was a perfect match to the back seat.  They are a Mom and Pop operation. They don't ship

    very fast but their material is excellent.



    John J

  3. I got one of the 675. With power windows,AC and tilt  steering. I have only seen one car that was like mine and he was a member. 

    I think he passed away a few years ago and not sure what happened to the car. 


    I think he was from New York state. Not a lot of convertibles out their with any size engine. They did not make many.




    John J

  4. In the situation we are in right now I like to listen to the heath experts and not the politicians from either side. The biggest thing they are trying to do is slow down the spread of the virus to keep the hospitals from being overwhelm like in Italy and China. I know people are questioning the numbers but a lot people did not get tested  overseas because they did not show symptoms and because tests where not available. Hopefully this  virus will run it course  quickly and  people can go back to worrying about  the crappy weather we are having.


    Stay safe everyone.



    John J

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