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  1. I was on Woodward Wednesday and Friday night . Your not kidding about the police being everywhere. The Oakland county sheriff was there with the armor car that carry's the swat team. The traffic was crazy. A lot of nice old cars and trucks to look at.



    John J

  2. Glad  to see a few people are going to make it the show. If you are coming to the show from out of town and bringing your car. I would stick with Hilton or Marriott brands. They spend more on security them the cheaper  brands. I used to work for Hilton hotels.



    John J

  3. Secluff you are the man again. The  wire harness block that plugged in the switch was cracked in half when I replaced the switch last year, I did not want to butcher it so I put a few wire ties to hold it together. I was not happy with my repair. But at least had brake lights.






    John J

  4. I have done it and it not hard. The metal is thin. You need to do it you can get to the bolts that hold the motor in place. A good idea to order some new door skin clips and water proof door  liner. Half the clips on my car where missing and the door liner was gone. The holes are drilled on the interior of the door and are cover by the door skin No one will ever see them unless the interior door skin is off.



    John J

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  5. I have never seen the black center caps on a 73 with slotted aluminium wheels. When I bought mine it had red caps. Did certain body paint colors determine the color of the center caps. i was wondering if the black caps where even made by Ford back 1973. Not sure why the photo was posted sideways.


    John J






  6. I saw one at a car show, I hear the go for over 100.000 .  I thought trucks where over priced already. Looks nice but very pricey. in case you want to drive fast its only 755 HP.



    John J





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