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  1. Looks like 50.00 bucks for someone to haul it to the dump would be the right price. John J
  2. My first choice would be one that did not RUST. My second chioce would be a Boss 351 vert. John J
  3. Nice Car. You can't go wrong with a red vert. John J
  4. We got 5 inches of snow today in Detroit. Set an all time record for snow fall for January. 39.1 inches. I am looking forward to cutting the grass. John J
  5. Welcome to the site. I like 73 verts. Stay out of trouble over there. John J
  6. Where now up to 38 inches of snow in the Detroit area for the month. A new record and it snowing agian. We are going to get 3 to 6 inches more on Saturday. I can't stand the snow anymore. :@ John J
  7. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  8. Nice looking vert. Mine was built a week after yours on 5/14/73 at the Deaborn plant. John J
  9. John J


    Welcome from Michigan. I use NPD, CJ and OMS for parts. John J
  10. This is the worst winter ever. We set a new record for snow in the Detroit area for January. Where up to 33 inches of snow for the month and it not over yet. I work for a school district and we have closed 6 times already. I run the maintenance department and we have not been sleeping much because of snow plowing and fixing pipes that have burst because of the cold weather. It can't end fast enough. :@
  11. I also use Hagerty and if had no issues with them and they where half the price that AAA was charging me to insure the car. John J
  12. Nice looking vert. It look like it been taken care of to.
  13. Has anyone install a homelink rearview mirrior. It on page 48 of february mustang monthly. I was wondering if the product was any good and how hard it was to install. John J
  14. It looks great. How long did it take you to install it? John J
  15. I have been looking at those for a while. I was wondering if anyone on this site has ordered them. The seller has gotten good feedback on this item. John J
  16. Mine is a 55 amp. I found out the hard way when I ordered the wrong wire harness from NPD. Its a Q code with power windows. My build date is 5/14/73 John J
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