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  1. Jeff any idea on a Q code vert how many came with the options I have. Or do I have to pop for the elite Marti report? I only have the deluxe report and It only shows that 675 where made with Q codes, I thinking mine is a little more rare they that. Thanks John J
  2. Nice Vert. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  3. Hey Jeff I knew that from my marti report. Any idea how many Q code verts came with AC, Power window, Tilt and Intermittent wipers. I am trying to figure how rare mine is. :D John J
  4. I want to put stripes on my vert this summer. I just want the stripes for the truck and the sides. I want plain black stripes I am not trying to make a mach 1 clone vert. I hear they come in gloss and matte finish. I need to know who sell them that will work on a 73 vert. John J
  5. Looks great. I like the magnums. John J
  6. Nice car. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  7. Wow nice cars. Welcome form Michigan John J
  8. This place is a half an hour from my house. They usually have high end cars with very high end prices. John J
  9. I just had a new top installed a glass window. It look great and it easy to clean. I have heard the plastic ones turn yellow with age. I think that the 71/73 verts came from the factory with glass windows. John J
  10. Welcome from Michigan.::welcome:: John J
  11. The weather sucks here in Michigan.:( We got 6 or 7 inches of snow this weekend and I had to work. My Vert is sitting in the garage with the cover on it and I have not driven it in a month. John J
  12. Welcome from Michigan.::welcome:: John J
  13. That's a lot rust for 9 grand. Someone going to spend a lot of money at the body shop and supply house to reslove all those rust issues. John J
  14. Nice car. I wish I had 60 k that I didn't know what to do with. John J
  15. John J


    Nice vert. Welcome form Michigan. John J
  16. Wecome from Michigan. Good luck with the project. John J
  17. I saw it yesterday and this morning. I also hard a hard time logging in. Not sure what was going on but I am not having any problems now. John J
  18. I got a post card today from Mustangs Unlimited.com today. It said to mention source code HC13 to receive your holiday discount. Not sure if they have any good discounts because I have been working to much. It might be worth checking out. John J
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