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  1. Nice looking car. Good luck with the project. From Michigan John J
  2. I parked it today for the winter. The city sprayed all the roads with a brine solution so the mustang can't leave the garage until April. I hate winter.:@ John J
  3. Nice car. Welcome from Michigan
  4. Very Cool and you did not have to pay for it even better. John J
  5. I had a new top put on my vert and the installer found this parts tag. I think that's what it is. The part number is D1ZZ 6527894A. The date on the tag 8/30/88 I don't have a lot of history on the car. I was wondering if it was in an accident or if the part was replaced because of a rust issue. If someone can ID the part that would be great. John J
  6. Thanks for the info Jeff. I think I will wait unit February and ordered them from Marti. John J
  7. I like the kid shot the best. Its like he thinking I really want one of these someday. John
  8. EZ on auto tops is the brand. There several vendor on the internet that sell them. Tops on line .com is one of them.http://www.topsonline.com/department/Convertible_Tops_And_Accessories. John J Here a photo of the car with the new top on. It not the best photo because there no much sunshine in Michigan in November.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I will check them out. There more in my price range. Thanks
  10. Here are a couple of photos of my new top being installed. I did not know how much the old top had faded out until I saw the new top on the car. I took it to a mom and pop shop and the owner is installing it. John J
  11. Thank for the info Doug. That little more then I wanted to spend because I am cheap. :D I will keep looking. Thanks John J
  12. Looking for the Motorcraft ones. Marti Auto works used to sell them but the out of stock for months. CJ use to sell them but they don't have any either. Anyone know of another supplier? Thanks John J
  13. I need the chrome benzel but am willing to buy the whole light if I have to.I have been looking for one for a while and had no luck. Anyone know of a supplier. I have been watching ebay. John J
  14. I have a question for the overseas members. How much of the cost of the fuel cost is taxes. In the US it varys by state what the tax is. The federal tax is the same. I know maybe some tranportation costs that may make fuel more expensive in some countries. I will think twice about complaining next summer when gas prices go up 50 cents a gallon after seeing what people are paying in other countries. John J 73 Vert
  15. I am a maintenance supervisor for a school district. I had 31 buildings when I started working there 10 years ago. We have had to demo a few of them the last couple of years. All of them but one are over 50 years old so I am always dealing with Plumbing, Electrical and HVAC issues. So working on a 40 year old mustang is relaxing. John J
  16. I was wondering what gas was going for in all 50 states and overseas. It has dropped to 3.09 for regular and 3.29 for premium in Michigan. I heard on the news that some states are under 3 bucks a gallon. John J
  17. Wow that a lot of cash. Does any one know what the most a 71/73 mustang has sold for on Ebay or Barret Jackson for. I saw a vert go for 28,000 on Barret Jackson once. John J
  18. My order type was Special Purpose Car. The DSO was Ford Marketing corporation. I have never seen that before either. John J
  19. I would ask her what she thinks it worth and go from there. Since it not in driveable condition I would think you should get it cheap. The problem is now a day everyone thing that every old car is worth a lot of money. The key is the condition of the car and how rare it is. i would think 4000.00 or 5000.00 would be since you know the person and that its a convertible. I think the big question is do you really like the car and are willing to do the work to bring it back. If not then I would keep looking until you find the one that you really do like. I may be off on the price but I sure you will get some feedback from others if that the case. John J
  20. I bought a 73 vert that was sitting for a long time. I never had any problems with the top from sitting. However I did have a lot of problems with the transmission seals and brakes. It took me year whole summer to reslove those problems. The only issue I did have with the top was the stiching around the window is all dryrotted. I and going to have a new top put on this month. Good luck with the car if you buy it. Convertibles are a blast.
  21. Very nice car. Nice options too. John J
  22. Thanks for the feed back everyone. I am getting ready to store the car for the winter and will put to check out the U joints on my to do list for the spring. John J
  23. We got it fixed finally. I not excally sure what the porblem was but it working fine now. I work for a school district and I had one of the auto shop teachers help me out. We ended up pulling the fuse block out of the wiring harness so we could inspect it. We cleaned up the fuse clips and pintched them so they would be a little tighter holding the fuse and the fan started working. I had one teacher taking the car apart and the other one on the phone telling me what to look for. It was team work at its best and It did not cost me a dime. Which is very rare for my car. John J
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