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  1. Thanks for the feedback everyone. I don't have cut out in valance so I think I am going to put turn downs on. Greg I did like the way you did your car but I dont want to mess with the valance. John J
  2. I am getting some vbration fron the rear end when I get up to 45 mph. It goes away when I slow down or take my foot off the gas. It seen to come and go but seem to be happening more off now. Any one out there had any of this type of problem. Any ideas whould be great. John J
  3. I thinking about puting exhaust tips on my car. I have a 73 vert with a 351 cleveland. Did the factory install them on the verts ? I think the Mach 1 had them from the factory. I looked in the 73 dealer brochere and don't see anything listed. Is there a factory correct tip for a 73 and if there is who sell them. Thanks John J
  4. The weather changing and needed some heat in the car. Ran a jumper from the fuse block the fan motor and it works fine. They ran a jumper from fuse block to the switch and it works fine and the fan runs on all 3 speeds. pull the fuse block out and inspected it and found no hot spots or broken wires. fuse is good and there power on both sides of the fuse. The problem is between the fuse block and the switch If anyone has any ideas please let me know. This is on 1973 vert
  5. Here my report from Ford. I like the fact that its on Ford letter head. John J scan0001.pdf
  6. Welcome to the site. I am also from Farmington Hills MI. John J
  7. Nice car. I have a 1973 red vert with the same options and engine.
  8. [i was at the Woodward dream cruise this August. There where a lot of great cars. Alot of cars passed my by but this on really got my attention. I sure a lot of our members have spent a lot of time in one of these. Not sure what year it is or if it has the original interior. Its not the best photo but I think it has cup holders which makes it highly optioned. I will wait to hear from the experts on this one. John J
  9. I installed KYB GR2 on my vert and have been happy with the performance. I got them at NPD. They had the best price in Michigan. John J
  10. Welcome from Michigan Nice cars John J
  11. I ordered one and will post it we I receive it. John j
  12. Got the new belts from Don at OMS- they look really nice. I going to install them this weekend.. John J
  13. It could have been a company car for some Ford big shot. I have a 1973 convertible that I was told it use to be a Ford company car for a Ford engineer. My is also listed as ford marketing corperation as the dealer and under order type it is listed as a special purpose vehicle. It loaded like yours and has AC and power windows which are rare on convertibles. John J
  14. Sorry to see you go. I thought you brought up some good points In several discussion. Everyone has different opinions on things. If everyone agreed on everything this web site would be petty boring. John J
  15. That's the web site. I emailed Ford motor company about finding out more information about my car and they told me to go to this web site. I thought someone out there would have gotten a Ford build sheet and I just want to know if they thought it was as good as a Marti Report. John J
  16. They also have Recall Clearance letter and a US Saftey and Emissions letter you can get for 18.00 bucks each. There is also a technical data sheet for 34.00 bucks. Somebody out there must have some of the letters. John J
  17. Here you go. This is what mine looks like. It locks with the truck key.There also a photo on page 17 on the 1973 ford dealer guide and its part of the protection group. John J
  18. Has any one ever ordered a deluxe build sheet from Ford/Helms. On the web site there 46.00 bucks and I was wondering if they give more detail then the Marti report. There on Ford letter head and signed by Elena Ford. I have a Deluxe Marti report and wonder how they compare. John J
  19. Honey are you sure we packed everything.
  20. Ok I got the exhaust sheld and the heat riser hose that's to the air filter housing. Not sure what the sheild is bolted to. Anyone got a photo or can tell me what its bolted to. Thanks John J
  21. I pm him and he does not have them. I guess I might buy the Scott Drake ones but I don't like they way they look. John J
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