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  1. Looking to replace the front seatbelts in my 73 convertible.The driver side failed and won't latch. I want retractable ones. The only ones I have seen so far are from Scott Drake. I seen the posts on the 3 point but I want to stick with the lap belts. Are there any other options out there that I am not aware of ??? I like them to be has close to the original as possible. John J
  2. Nice car. I am also from Michigan and the Detroit area. John J
  3. Welcome from Michigan. Nice Vert. John J
  4. Kit you might be right about the hood pins. The hood is listed on my Marti report. I Also have what I think is a copy of the dealer invoice which list tutone hood paint. The car has been repainted so I am not surprised that the hood paint was not correct. This was a Ford company car and is listed has special purpose vehicle for Ford marketing division. I am sure the original owner could have had the hood pins installed. John J Jeff you got a deal on the hood paint. Mine is listed 34.00 dollar option on my vert.invoice. John.J
  5. Mine came came with twist locks from the factory. John J
  6. The length of the doors. You got to park 4 ft away from anything or you can't open doors. I have a 2 car garage and it a problem. John J
  7. Ole Pony had it right. I was able to reach the bulb with out disconnecting the speedometer cable or the wiring harness. Having tilt wheel make this petty easy. The red pony rides again. Thanks to everyone who responded. John J
  8. Welcome from Michigan. Nice looking car. John J
  9. My high beam indicator red pony does not light up when the high beam lights are on. I am thinking the bulb needs to be replaced and want to know how to get to it. Do I have to take the dash apart ? Any shortcuts? Any help would be great. John J
  10. Nice car Welcome from Michigan. John J
  11. Are you looking to sell it? If so how much and can you send me a photo. John J
  12. Is the shield still available? I drive my car until October and it gets cold in Michigan then. JohnJ
  13. L[/b]ooking for the hose the come of the exhaust manifold and goes to the the botton of the air filter housing. I don't see the intake for the hose. It may of rotted away and I need that part also. Anyway I looking to replace them. Does any one know a vendor who sell them or used one in good shape. I know what the hose looks like but I have never seen a photo of the intake to the hose off the manifold. if anyone got one please send me a copy. I need to know what I am looking for. John J
  14. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  15. I had fun today replacing the rear shocks on my vert. They are staggered on the Q code and you have to remove the back seat to get top nut on the shock. The other access hole is in the truck which is also fun to get to. I was hoping to find a few bucks under the back seat but no luck there either.
  16. The seller got 3 negative feed back for 36 transactions. I think that said it all. John J
  17. My rear windows go up and down very slowly.No problem with the front windows. Is this a motor problem or some thing else that I can repair. John J
  18. You would think the buyers would file a complaint with eBay. I can't believe they keep letting him relist it. John J
  19. Pulled the wire harness and reconnected it. No luck. The wire connector is in great shape no sign of corrosion. I am going to look at the fan connections next. I have the Ford 1973 service highlights manual for heating, ventilating and conditioning system changes. There are some good trouble shooting tips in it. I just need to take the time to read it. Thanks John
  20. Don if you still have the lug nuts I would be interested. John
  21. I think you are right. I had friend who's dad work for Ford and that how he got his cars. It used to aggravate me because the cars where all loaded and they paid next to nothing for them. They where only a year old with low mileage. John
  22. It was a ford company car for an engineer.Then it went down to Florida for a long time. It got a state of Florida inspection sticker on the windshield from 1982 . I have a copy of the Florida tile and the dealer invoice. The second owner past away and it sat in a warehouse in Michigan for a long time until I bought it for the owner son. It a very solid car and is mostly original. It got 140000 miles on it. It was ziebart back in the day and still has the plugs in the door jambs.
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