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  1. Thanks for the repley Don. So I don't really need worry about replacing it? I only seen the part on ebay once and it sold for over 100 bucks. I has asked a few people and they said I could get by with out It but I wanted to be sure. John
  2. Thanks for the reply but that not it. It looks like and H and is hooked up to the supply and return hose from the heater core. I am going to attach a photo. I hope it works I am testing my computor skills now.
  3. I have had it for over a year now. It was sitting in a warehouse for a long time. I had a few issues to reslove with leaking seals and hoses but all is good now. I had a 1973 Grande in high school and wanted to buy one for a long time. I found this convertible and had to have it. John J
  4. When I bought my car one of the first issue I had was the H valve on the heater core hoses had failed and leaking badly. It was very corroded so I justed removed it because I was told it was not availble. They just sold one on ebay for 103.27 item number 400528338312. I was wondering what the fuction was for this valve. It did not seem to effect anything on the car. I know Ford put it there to do something. The Ford part number is D30Z-18B02-B. Just wondering if I should replace it in the future. John J
  5. I also need the chrome bezel. If anyone has a source for them. John
  6. Is it the James Bond version. Lets go with machine guns in the rear and rocket launcher up front. John
  7. Going to try again tonight to remove the harness. I found I could not bend my hand enough to grab the harness.
  8. Thanks for the info. I am going to try this tomorrow. John
  9. I am having issues with the fan motor. The AC and heat have worked well since I bought the car. The fan motor was quiet and worked on all 3 speeds. I checked the fuse and it was good and replaced it anyway with no results. I have the wiring diagram but am not sure where to start. Any help would be great. John
  10. I would have to go with the aluminum wheels. I have them on my 73 and I think they look great. John
  11. I was wondering what would be a good brand to use and what the going rate is to have one installed. I live in Michigan so if any one lives in the area let me know who does quality work at a good price. Thanks John 73 red convertible
  12. 73Q code C6 NASA hood, tilt, AC, PW, , AmFm 8Track Forged Alumium Wheels covenance group, porptection group,tutone hood paint
  13. I am hearing a lot about that the oil use today doesn't have zinc in it and that will cause wear in older engines . I have read about some zinc additive to add to oil.and was wondering if this is something that I should add. I have been using ford motorcraft 10 w 30 synthetic in my 351 Cleveland. John
  14. Just bought new cables from Marti. The ground cable has two lugs. I am not sure where there conneted to the block or frame. The ground cable that was on the car when I bought it was hooked to the block up front and I think that was done for ease of installation. Any help would be great. John
  15. I am also looking for a replascement set and have the same type lug nuts. Most of the aftermarket ones that I have looked at are to short. The ones I have are 2 and 1/4 inches long. If anyone know where you can get these please let me know. thanks John
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