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  1. Thanks John I picked up on Friday. It shifts much better now and no leaks. I had the PS pump replaced also because it was leaking and very noisy. Oval did a great job and all you can hear is the engine now. John J
  2. I did and it good, Here the link if anyone wants to check it out
  3. Thanks Jeff I checked the vin number and it a match. Getting the leaking trans fixed is one of the last thing to do on my list. I am looking forward to some warm weather so I can drive it. John
  4. John, In the first pic on the right circle is the date code of the trans...looks like 4/73. In the fourth pic on top of the trans is the partial VIN. If this matches your car then it is the oem trans. PGA AU3 on the tag is correct for a 73 351C CJ C6.
  5. I took a few photos of my transmission while it was out of the car. Can someone tell me what the numbers mean. John J
  6. RIP one of the good ones. John J
  7. Dropped it off to have the C6 overhauled. Tired of it leaking all over the garage floor. John J
  8. I had to do the same thing. I got one that was close from Osborn and had them made. They came out pretty good, The one I got from Osborn had blue lettering and the one on my car had black lettering. I wonder if Ford did engine stickers in 2 colors??? All need to is find the right size hole punch. John J img fan20190317_21453465.pdf
  9. Your car was built 2 days after mine. Seems like Ford built a lot of convertible's in May. Nice looking car. John J
  10. Here is where I got mine. Almost 5 years old and still looks great. http://ezonauto.com/product/mustang-1971-1973/ John J
  11. Nice car. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  12. John the car came out great. Looking forward to seeing it this summer. John J
  13. I am going to have my C6 transmission overhauled this spring. It leaking and I am going to all the seals replaced. Is there anything else I should have done while its out of being serviced? John J
  14. Looking forward to seeing the mustang all cleaned up David. Make sure you take lots of pics before you ship it to NC. John J
  15. If your ever in Michigan or in the Detroit area for dream cruise week. Make sure this on your must see list. One of the best car collections around anywhere. https://www.thehenryford.org/visit/henry-ford-museum/exhibits/driving-america John J
  16. We hit 40 degrees today its finally over. John J
  17. Welcome from the frozen state of Michigan. We like convertibles. John J
  18. We had a petty mild winter in Detroit until to the end of January. Last 2 weeks nothing but cold and snow. One inch of snow tonight and then 4 inches on Monday. Then last week my snow blower would not start. Nothing more fun than trying to fix something when it ten degrees out. Fresh fuel and a new spark plug took care of that problem but then I had to use it. HURRY UP SPRING!!! I am tired of looking at at my car with the cover on it. John J
  19. I have had a 1406 on my car for 3 years with no issues. A huge improvement over the 4300D. Maybe I am the exception to the rule. John J
  20. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from the frozen state of Michigan. John J
  21. I will be there and with the car this year hopefully. John J
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