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  1. Looking good John. I am glad to see things are moving along. Keep me in the loop on when the Detroit/Windsor area members are going to meet up. John J
  2. I want one. Check it out. http://www.msn.com/en-us/autos/autos-trucks/2020-jeep-gladiator-first-look-this-is-no-scrambler/ar-BBQdoGk?ocid=HPCDHP
  3. Nice car. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  4. I agree with David on the interior. It defiantly not original. I have white comfort weave in my 73 vert and it doesn't look like that.
  5. I got caught in the rain and on the way home my wipers get working. I have not look at it yet because of the crappy weather. A few questions is the motor feed from a fuse or breaker. The only fuse I saw was for the washer pump motor and that works. I have intermitted wipers will the Cardone replacement motor work for me or is the for 2 speed wipers only? If the motor is bad is Cardone my only option. John J
  6. I had vibrations issues in my car when driving over 45 mph in the rear end. I don't do a lot of freeway driving with it and I was short of funds so it was on the to do list for a long time. I had the U joints done first. That help some but then we had the drive shaft rebalanced and the trans mount replaced and that solved all the vibration issues. I took out on the interstate and hit 80 mph and it was so smooth I did not know it was the same car. John J
  7. Nice car. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  8. I put a 1406 on my car 2 years ago and have no issues. Starts now when it cold out now and idles great. My motor craft 4300 D leaked fuel everywhere also. Its now sitting in a box on a shelf. John J
  9. Very nice cars. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  10. Nice ride. You can't go wrong with old MOPAR John J
  11. Car looks fantastic. I am sure you are pleased with the results. John J
  12. Nice car. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  13. Good luck with your surgery David. I had a rupture disc about 20 year ago. I could not feel my right leg from the knee down. The pain was brutal. I had a neurosurgeon go in there and he cleaned out the piece that was pressing on the nerve. I had 3 months of therapy after the operation. I try not to do much lifting any more but the pain is gone now. John J
  14. Nice vert. I have a white top and a white comfort weave interior. It looks great but they are hard to keep clean. You don't see many white tops and that what my car was delivered with. John J
  15. Racherm what was the purpose of the H tube. My 73 Q code had the same fitting and it starting leaking right after I bought the car 6 years ago so I removed it. John J
  16. I just resolved an issue with my brake lights. I was wondering what was the best type of connector to use when splicing wires together. The pervious owner had used the type in the photo below. They are junk. I replace them with the crimped barrel type. Is there a better type to use than those ?
  17. Thanks Randy I found a bad spice on that wire from the pervious owner who had put a trailer hitch on the car. The wire had broke in half inside the connector. John
  18. The car was at Mustang Memorials car show at Ford world headquarters. They had it covered and made a big deal about when they uncovered it. Barrett Jackson was filming the whole thing. No engine in the car and a lot of rust everywhere. Not much to look at but there was a lot of hype about it. John J
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