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  1. Nice looking car. Welcome from Michigan. There lots of info on the thermostat issue if you do a search. John J
  2. David you right white is a nightmare to keep clean. But other than the photos of you 2 cars that have white comfort weave I have not seen it anywhere. That was the main reason I kept it. I think its pretty rare. I wonder if Ford tracked it. John J
  3. Thanks. They used the old foam. The guy said it was in good shape. He also said they steam it to make come back in to shape. Not sure how that works but that the story. John J
  4. John J

    CW Interior

    I finally got my seats back for the upholster. I am happy with the results. They match the back seats petty close considering the age difference . These are deluxe white comfort weave that I order the material is from SMS. They are the only ones that sell it that I know off. The old emblems where in bad shape so I replace them with ones made by Scott Drake. They where a petty good match.
  5. Steve here are some photos of the rear belts I sent them and what I got back. I am looking for the invoice to see what I paid them and will pm you when I find it. They will send you new seat belts with out cores according to there web site. The old ones are on top chrome was pitted and neither belt would retract or latch and one had been replaced by PO and it was a different type.The new one came back looking great and the date code that they sew on is cool. Their is an extra charge for the date code labels to be sew on. John J
  6. I have a white top on my 1973 and it getting scuff marks in a few areas. It there a way to prevent this? Or is this just wear and tear form putting it up and down. Also what the best cleaner to use on a white top. Thanks John J
  7. I used this company to redo my rear belts that did not retract or latch. The new belts look fantastic and they will even sew on the correct date code if you want and you don't have to have cores.Here the link. http://www.pythonrestoration.com/Home_Page.html John J
  8. Nice Job. Looks fantastic. You and your son should be very proud. John J
  9. Here a couple of photos. Their are 3 points where the cable is attached to the hood. John J
  10. Here a photo of the dip stick. The cap was painted yellow. Not sure if it was done at the factory or something the PO did. Trying to figure out what it looked like when it came from the factory John J
  11. For the last couple of days while on the site I have be getting redirected to one of the sites that tells you your computer is effected with a virus and they want your credit card number. I have be shutting off my computer and going back to the site with out a problem. Not sure if it site issue or something on my PC is doing it. John J
  12. The cap on the dip stick is painted yellow and the rest is not painted. Which would be correct from the factory. I am trying to clean up the engine bay. John J
  13. Why is the air cleaner in the truck? I never seen that option before. John J
  14. Wow that a lot of coin. Never been a big fan of any 4 doors cars. Would look much better as a 2 door. My 2 cents. John J
  15. I think it called rattle can black which makes it very rare color. rofl John J
  16. I had the same problem and replaced the switch and problem was solved. Here the link for a motorcraft switch. You can get aftermarket ones too if your on a tight budget for about half the price. https://www.npdlink.com/product/switch-headlight-motorcraft-limited-availability-c5az-11654-a-sw-629-c5gy-11654-c/101269?backurl=search%
  17. Took my valve covers off to paint and noticed the fastener was missing for the vacuum hose strap that feeds brake booster. The hose strap for it sits on top of the shock tower brace. What size nut and bolt is it ? Or did Ford use something else? John J
  18. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  19. Nice car. Welcome from Michigan. John J
  20. Here is the plastic edge that David was talking about. I just replaced mine and this is a great replacement part. Fits like a glove. Here the link. John J http://www.npdlink.com/product/channel-strip-windshield-base-trim-exact-repro-in/141825/498
  21. Thanks David I thought they might have been blue or black. John J
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