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  1. Thanks for the tip! I'll be sure to keep that in mind. Right now I want to try and stay local (or local-ish, California, Arizona, Nevada) if I can. I don't really want to buy a car sight unseen at this point.
  2. Well, the time has come to replace my 1973 Mach 1 that I sold a few years ago when I moved. I'm in Southern Arizona now, so anything local-ish would be preferred! Otherwise, so long as it's a fastback I'm willing to take a look. I want a project, so less than $10k price is where I'm at! Let me know what you have or know of!!
  3. I reached out to them about this a few months ago. They have no intentions of doing the center gauges or the clock.
  4. I love how they left the brakes stock. The drums in the back look so stupid with such huge rims. What a waste.
  5. I'd give the first one a really hard look if I was interested, it's been repainted at some point (Missing the blackout on the top of the front bumper) and is showing rust signs in the trunk corners. Second one is a seller that's been reading too many other ebay ads. It's not worth $5500 in my opinion and unless the Marti report on the car confirms this "Not a mach 1, mach 1" story, it's nothing more than a plane jane fastback. I also like the "Q code" hood. Third,well this one actually looks pretty nice. Again an obvious repaint (73 didn't see the option for a TuTone hood without hood pins) and the front spoiler looks to have been installed poorly (You can see daylight through a gap that shouldn't exist in one of the pictures) there's also been some suspension changes in the back. I don't think it's worth $17,000 but it is a nice car.
  6. I would advise if you're replacing the printed circuit to go ahead and replace all of those sockets as well. They corrode pretty badly. RockAuto has the new ones for about a buck a piece. All the bulbs are the same, and all of them should be populated.
  7. While I appreciate the thought and opinion Q, it's not for me. I want to save a rusty car and put it back on the road. I know it'll cost more in the end, but there's something about saving a classic that I want to be a part of.
  8. Okay so I know this isn't really what we cater to here at 7173Mustangs. But as some of you may have seen I sold off my 73 Mach 1 back in California. I'm now searching for a project 1970 Fastback out here in the Ohio Valley. I'm willing to travel a bit for the car, Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois. I know what these cars command price wise and that people are going nuts with their asking prices. So I'm hoping someone here may have a line on one that I can grab.
  9. Welcome from Central Kentucky! We openly welcome all questions here! When you get a chance put some pictures up! We'd love to see what you're working with!
  10. Never been before but I plan to go this year. Figure it's one of the bigger part swap meets around these parts
  11. If anyone wants a closer look at it let me know. Louisville is only about 35 minutes from me. I'm up there most weekends to chill.
  12. That's a really interestingly optioned car. Mach 1, but no Tach, no center gauges, and no console, standard dash and standard door panels. Obviously repainted. Not a bad price either.
  13. And so this story comes to a close. I sold the Mach 1 today to a new home. Told him about the sight, hope to see him join up. Now to find a new project our here in the Kentucky/Alabama area...
  14. Why is a car in North Carolina being advertised in Arizona? Also, couldn't be bothered to clean off the tree bits in the back before snapping the picture?
  15. Crazy custom interior, and a rather high price tag considering how little information that he gives.
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