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  1. Better pics of why the trunk floor has to go. Hope the rails are ok underneath!
  2. First time with plasma cutter and air tools! Almost cut the right corner off the trunk area. That was a close one! Gonna finish getting the taillight panel off and then the trunk floor. That's the plan anyway. Anyone got an idea how to get that last part of the trunk corner separated from the couple of inches left from the tail light panel? Thanks!
  3. The heat must be getting to you down there............NC not old car friendly? Mustang 50th anniversary was here NPD distibution center (they own me) 2 classic car speedway shows every year nascar hall of fame Jeff Gordon lives here-------don't hate :)! ......and the list goes on Just messing with you:). I did have to sell an old firebird because of not having "original emissions equipment" but it wasn't old enough to be a classic! And yep, someone from SC bought it since they didn't have emissions testing. No problems for classics though. No inspection except for the visit to the theft bureau at the DMV. They run your vin numbers to make sure the car isn't stolen. Not sure if you even need to do that if the car is already in your name. DMV Trooper was cool! He had some great stories of cars that were found to be stolen. Said that the bureau was started back in the 20s due to thefts of model T's? Nice getaway car right! Other than that no problems. Takes a couple of months for the theft bureau to get your results in the mail. Scarey couple of months when you just bought the car from someone! Your never know these days. Just had my first day cutting sheet metal. Will be posting my amateur work today :)!
  4. Welcome from Charlotte, NC. We're lucky here..........classics don't have to go thru regular inspection!
  5. Just wanted to drop a note of thanks for all the replies. Some great ideas on what to do with the tank. Will be working on the tank tomorrow.
  6. Got the plasma cutter going and picked up some air tools finally! Starting this weekend. Just wanted to send a note to say your trunk photos are just what I needed! I can see what's under there and where to cut!
  7. Saw the news about that sinkhole in the corvette museum. I'm not saying that fords are better than chevy's, but if the lord makes a big hole during the mustang 50th anniversary year and puts and puts a bunch of corvettes in it.............. I'm just saying!
  8. What's the best way to empty the gas tank. Does it need to be siphoned or can I just let it run empty. Getting ready to work on the trunk floor. Also how do you store the tank to prevent any contamination and not blow up the house once i get it off the car?
  9. Did anyone see the mustang last night? We were watching a show called "the tomorrow people" last night. They had a flashback 15 years. The kid is driving a 1971 mach 1, white with black stripes and fold down seat. It was baaaaad!! Obviously the producers of the show have great taste! Just like the one I had and how this one is gonna be when it's finished. It's a sign :)!!
  10. Someone rescue those mustangs.............if you can!
  11. Man you guys dug deep!! I'm having some 8-track flashbacks! There's a whole bunch of songs I haven't heard in a long time! Gonna have to add to the playlist!
  12. What 5 songs could you absolutely not live without in your mustang? Thought it might be fun to see what everyone's must playlist while cruising is! Yes, I'm a child of the 70's. That means Am radio before radio format stations, so I can go from Osmonds to Parliament faster than a ford beating a chevy! Bonus Song: Throw in that song that you turn down at the stop light so no one hears you jamming to it. Don't act like it's never happened :)! 1. Born to Run....and yes I did race on the circuit in NJ...Bruuuuce! 2. Dance the night away (van halen) 3. September (earth, wind and fire) 4. Blame It on the Boogie (Jacksons) 5. Take it Easy (Eagles) Bonus: Thank God I'm a Country Boy (John Denver) Have fun!
  13. Fired up the plasma cutter yesterday and heard air leaking. Checked the lines and its coming from inside the unit. Will be calling Sears this afternoon. Have had this thing over 90 days so we'll see what they say. Cross your fingers!
  14. Welcome aboard from Charlotte! Great story. I went for a ride a few weeks ago, came home to an 8 yr. old standing in the driveway asking me where I went with our car and why I didn't take her!! Guess I know where that car ends up :)!
  15. Thanks for the link to your photos. They are a great help! I'm gonna take a better look at the trunk. Maybe i can replace part of it like you were talking about. My tail light panel is shot, so i can get the trunk panel in thru there. May have to invest in some air tools like you mentioned. Thanks for the advice.
  16. Finally updated my profile, so I figured I'd introduce myself. Bought a 71 mach 1 when I was in high school for $500.....try that now!! I think it had so much bondo on it that if you threw a magnet at it, it would just bounce off the car! Had it for about 5-6 years and had a lot of fun until some moron, fool, who was probably raised by wolves from Italy in a rental car cut me off, wrecked my stang and then left the scene..............but I'm not bitter :)! Fast forward 22 years and finally bought me another one. Needs some work. There WILL be welding and sheet metal this time! I took the power window equipment soup to nuts from the old stang and will be installing it in this one. The wife has been trying to get me to throw out that box since 92. I don't know what happened to my bean bag chair, but she didn't dare touch that box :)! Visit my profile for photos. I'm living the dream!!
  17. I could use some advice on what to do with the trunk floor. I have the fold down rear seat and it is welded to the trunk floor. I'm guessing that those brackets welded to the floor are not easy to get off or find if I damage them. The upper half of the trunk looks okay. The part near the tail lights has a hole. Should i try to patch it or replace the whole trunk. Second question is whats the best sequence of attack (what to do in what order). The big stuff list is: Both quarters, tail light panel, radiator support, one floor pan, trunk floor Thanks in advance!
  18. Here's what I started with: Had to have frame pulled...about $800. Lesson....find 2 fixed points in the engine compartment and measure diagonally!! It was off a good inch! After After! Now Here's the welder and plasma cutter. Picked up a hood from pull-a-part to practice on since I have no idea what I'm doing yet! So far I'll need to do both quarters, tail light panel, radiator support, one rear floor pan. The scarey part is the trunk floor with the folding seat braces welded to it. That just doesn't look like it's gonna be easy. Not looking to make a show car, but I want it nice! Go to my profile for more pics!
  19. Did one of those years ago. 71 with a/c. Was a bit of a bear getting that black box from under the dash, but all-in-all not too bad. i remember the hardest part was getting all the outlets thru the firewall without bending them too much. Good news is it's a one time fix :)!
  20. I so hear ya! Just took some pics of mine over the weekend. Been driving it for a couple of years. Afraid to get it off the road and never get it finished. I walk by the welder every morning.....it looks at me and I look at it..........and i keep walking! I'll get some pics posted this weekend. Gotta get started sometime. I'm planning on getting the big things done and a doing a "rolling restoration". Sounds great until you start taking it apart, right :)! Hang in there!
  21. Welcome from Charlotte, NC! Glad to hear another 7173 in North Carolina!
  22. It's a date! Can't wait to see it tonight! My dad is still missing his mustangs after all these years.
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