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  1. Hi, did you check the german market? 30+ Big Ponys are on Mobile.de. Ben
  2. Thx Eric, that's the Info I was looking for. Benjamin
  3. Hi I need the inner size of the Radio bezel (radio display cutout) I thinking about buying a retrosound radio and I'm not sure if I need a adapter frame. In Germany the chrome frame hase to be orderd seperate. Thx guys. Benjamin
  4. Welcome from Düsseldorf, Germany
  5. Thx guys for your quick answers. I think I will try medium ginger and post some pics of the results. Ben
  6. Hi, I'm a little bit confused, what is the right "ginger" Color for my interior quarter panels? The VIN is GF "Ginger Sebring Knit/Corinthian Vinyl Bucket Seats" but there are different ginger colors available "medium, dark and ginger ginger". Do I need vinyl paint for the panels? Thx from europe, Ben
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